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5 Step Sales Pitch For Selling A Product Without Seeming Salesy

What we’re gonna talk about in this post is the 5 step sales pitch for selling a product without coming across as salesy.

The one skill that’ll make you the most money is becoming good at sales.

If you can’t sell you’ll never make money.

It’s the backbone of any successful business.

So how does it work?

Step #1 is the hook.

The first 15-20 seconds is the most important time of the sales pitch.

Most people don’t have great attention spans these days so you need to have a good hook to catch their attention.

What you’ll wanna do is tell them they’re in the right place and let them know why they should continue watching.

What’s the benefit to them and what’ll they get out of it?

Step #2 is to poke the problem and offer the solution.

The best way to get people to take action is through increasing the pain of not taking action.

This is why you wanna identify the problem they’re having, make them feel frustrated and offer the solution.

You need to show them that you understand what they’re going through and the problem they’re having.

Maybe you were in the same situation as them until you found this solution.

Step #3 is to get them to commit to your solution.

Tell them they’ll never get the results they’re after unless they take action with the solution.

Make them see what life will be like if they follow the solution you’re presenting.

Instead of focusing on the features of your product focus on the life your solution can give them.

What’ll it look like?

What will their life not have anymore?

But the worst thing you can do is assume they have the desire to take action because most of the time they won’t.

Step #4 is to increase their belief in the solution.

You need to make sure they 100% understand how the solution works and how it’ll benefit them.

They need to believe in you and what you’re selling.

If they don’t fully understand or believe they’ll never buy.

Don’t assume they understand and start talking about training or advanced stuff…

Make sure they fully get the basics and how the entire process will benefit them.

Step #5 is to close the sale.

This is where you wanna focus on the pain.

Let’s say the pain level of them giving you $100 is a 7.

Let’s say the pain level of them not giving you the $100 and not making a change is a 4.

There’s no way that transaction will happen.

What you need to do is focus on decreasing their pain of buying and increasing their pain of not buying.

At this point, they probably have the desire to make the change but the only thing stopping them is giving you money.

So you need a way to make them feel like they’re giving you $100 and you’re giving them back $1000 worth of value.

Things to lower the pain of buying are:

  • Offering money back refunds.
  • Payment plans.
  • Bonuses.

Things that increase the pain of not buying right now are:

  • Having the bonuses going away.
  • Increasing the price tomorrow.

If they feel like they’re gonna miss out they’re much more likely to pull out their credit card and make a purchase.

Just remember that most people don’t already have the desire to take action…

Before you talk about your product you need to make them desire the solution.

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