Things To Know Before Starting Your Blog

8 Things To Know Before Starting Your Blog

One of my favorite ways to build a personal brand is through a blog.

Creating content that ranks in Google is the best way to drive traffic to your business long-term.

Your posts on Facebook will only last a few hours but a post on your blog could rank in Google for years.

That being said, most people struggle to get traction on their blog.

And the 8 things I’m gonna talk about here will help you get the results you want.

Here are 8 things you need to know before starting your blog.

Blog about things you know about or have an interest in.

Super important to pick a topic you’ll be able to talk about for years.

Some people start something just because it’s profitable but 2-3 months down the line end up quitting because they get burnt out.

They have no interest in the topic and get tired of talking about it.

That being said, it’s important your topic is also profitable.

Take a look to see if there’s big YouTube channels in your niche and also look to see if there are products for sale on sites like Clickbank.

Create content in 1 niche.

Here’s a big thing people get wrong.

They try to blog about their life and everything that’s going on in it.

There’s no structure and everything is completely random.

They talk about health one day and something else the next.

Don’t do that!

Stick to one niche (health, wealth, relationships, hobbies) because even though you’re interested in 2 different things doesn’t mean someone else might be.

Write about what people want instead of what you want.

Most people think they know what their audience wants but most of the time that’s not true.

DO NOT try to figure out what topics to write about yourself!

Look to see what others are looking for and create that content.

Look for popular videos on YouTube and cover those topics.

Use the Google Keyword Planner to find long tail keywords (4+ word phrases) that you can rank for.

Write at a 6th-grade level.

This is where you realize that school has failed you.

Remember English class and all those punctuations and other stuff you learned?

Well, forget that.

If you write like a college professor or robot, nobody will connect with you.

Write like you’re talking to a friend.

I’d assume you don’t talk to them like you would write an English essay?

Exactly, so don’t blog that way.

Write at a 6th-grade level and you’ll attract more people and make more money.

Put out content 3x per week minimum.

Thinking about putting out content a few times per month?

Don’t even bother.

There’s absolutely no way you’ll gain traction if you’re putting out a few articles per month.

If you have a big following already that’s fine but when you’re brand new it’s not gonna cut it.

You should be willing to put out a minimum of 3 articles every single week.

If you can do more, do it.

Just make sure you’re targeting long tail keywords you can actually rank for.

Don’t create an article on “7 weight loss exercises” because you’ll never rank.

Type in “weight loss” on the Google Keyword Planner and find a 4+ work phrase that’s related.

Maybe it’s something like “7 weight loss body weight exercises you can do from home.”

Make sense?

Think of it as a BUSINESS and create a BRAND.

If you’re just doing this for fun then this really won’t matter to you but chances are you’re looking to make money from your blog.

Your blog can easily be turned into a business so you really need to treat it like one.

You need to be committed to the process and be willing to put in the work.

Focus on the long-term and build a brand.

Put your face out there and create a personality.

Don’t be another faceless website because you’ll never grow.

Start your YouTube channel.

This might be the most important thing you can do.

If you’re just blogging it’s gonna take a really long time to get things going.

I didn’t get the results I was looking for until I started on YouTube.

By taking your video and putting it on your blog post you’ll build a way stronger connection with your audience and make a lot more money.

YouTube is my favorite way to get traffic to my site because it’s a lot less competitive.

Get over being afraid of the camera and just do it.

Start your email list ASAP.

This is probably your business’s most important asset.

It’s a list of your audiences email addresses.

You can stay in contact with them and send them to all your new articles and offers.

Most people will come to your blog, leave, and never come back…

This will allow you to get their email so you can build the connection and hopefully they’ll become a lifelong reader.

Start this from day #1.

How do you do it?

Step #1 is to create a free giveaway your reader would see value in.

Maybe it’s a free PDF, ebook, or video that helps them with something.

They’ll give you their email address in exchange for the giveaway.

Step #2 is to create your sales funnel.

This is how they’ll enter their email address.

The software I use for this is Clickfunnels.

You can also use your sales funnel to sell them something.

Step #3 is to create your autoresponder sequence.

This is an automatic email that’ll be sent to them after putting in their email address.

It’ll send them the free giveaway and send them more of your content and offers on autopilot.

The software I use for this is Sendshark.

I have more content that goes in-depth and they also have free trials so you can go in and mess around to learn.

Let me know which of these 8 was most helpful to you and let me know down below any questions you have.

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