About Me

Hey, what’s going on? My name is Jon Webber and welcome to Passive Income Assignment!

I dropped out of business school in my third year to teach myself finance and business that actually worked so I could have money, time, and location freedom. My Blog/YouTube channel is to share not only what I’m doing to build an online business that generates multiple streams of passive income but also how I’m managing and investing my money to build wealth.

I’m not an “expert” or anything like that but my goal is to share what’s working for me and what isn’t so you can do the same.

So if you’re someone who’s sick and tired of working for the man and want to build a real online business that’ll be around for the rest of your life, make sure you subscribe to the channel right now.

We publish multiple videos/articles every single week about things like:

  • Building an audience online through Blogging/YouTube.
  • Selling to that audience through affiliate marketing and creating your own products.

Something you’re interested in? Then make sure to join me by subscribing because YouTube is the place I’m most active on.

A Bit About Me

I dropped out of business school in my 3rd year to get a real education and create multiple streams of passive income.

The main focus here will be making, managing, and multiplying money, so you never have to work for the man again.

Here are some topics we’ll be covering:

-Personal Branding (making your name a 6-figure business with affiliate marketing, kindle publishing, YouTube, and your own products).
-Personal Finance (money mindset & management).
-Investing (cryptocurrency).

I’ve been at it for a few years now, have tested multiple different business models, and my goal now is to share the exact things I’m doing so you can do the same.

The best place to stay up to date with everything I’m doing is on my Youtube channel and in my Passive Income Assignment Facebook group. I’m fairly active on this blog, but spend a lot more time on Youtube and Facebook.

Some of the business models I’ve messed around with in the past are stock trading, Kindle publishing, E-commerce, affiliate marketing, and most recently, cryptocurrency.

Some of these I’ve liked and have had success with and others I didn’t enjoy doing. The one I’m running with and highly recommend to others is building a personal brand.

It’s extremely straightforward and you can get started for only $0.

I post daily training videos on my Youtube channel that will show you everything you need to know, so make sure you check that out!

Anyways, here’s a bit about me.

My Background

At an early age, I was fascinated with business and investing, and knew early on that I’d never work for the man. Financial markets and real estate were always interesting to me, but the whole online passive income thing never really crossed my mind, until I was sitting in class one day and ran across an online ad.

I didn’t even know it was possible to make money on the internet, but I’m sure glad I paid attention…

I was 2 years into my business degree and finally had enough of the BS I was learning.

We were being taught useless outdated methods of marketing, investing, and stuff like that.

Learning marketing from someone who’s never been out in the field…

Learning finance from someone struggling to pay the bills…

Made absolutely no sense.

So I decided to take things into my own hands and learn this stuff for real, so I decided to drop out at the start of my third year, quit my job a few months later, and do this thing full time.

I got started trading the stock market and really enjoyed that, but I needed a way to build income faster because I didn’t have a lot to start with.

That’s when I found Kindle publishing.

I decided to take an online course and 12 days later I had my first book published on Amazon.

A day after that I had my first sale (was pretty excited).

Two months later I was at $3200/month and $5000 a few months later.

The best part was that it literally took 4 hours per week of maintenance to run that business.

That’s the power of online passive income.

I continued doing that for a while and was able to get up to around $7500/month and decided to venture into something different.

That’s when I learned about E-commerce and affiliate marketing.

And that’s where I’m at today…

I make passive income through these different business models and I make Youtube videos teaching others how to do the same.

It’s pretty cool, but guess what…

You can do it too!

If you don’t really know what passive income is, click here to learn more about that.


Hope to talk to ya soon, either in the Facebook group or on the YouTube channel.

~ Jon Webber