Amazon Affiliate Marketing For Beginners 2018

Amazon Affiliate Marketing For Beginners 2018

Amazon Associates is the best place to start if you’re brand new to affiliate marketing.


If you want to become successful in business you need to learn how to sell.

If you’re selling your own products or other peoples stuff you’ll need to learn how to warm people up to you and convert them into a sale.

It’s a lot easier with Amazon affiliate marketing.

You don’t need to warm people up or know how to sell. People are already interested in buying a product and all you really have to do is give them a bit of info and send them to Amazon.

They’ve spent millions of dollars perfecting the selling process so you don’t have to.

Your job is to simply send people who are already looking for something to their site.

The second reason Amazon affiliate marketing is the best place to start is that you’ll get a lot of sales on products you aren’t promoting.

If you send someone to Amazon and they buy anything within 24 hours (even if it’s not the product you recommended), you’ll get a commission.

I make quite a few sales on stuff I’ve never promoted simply by having my links out there.

The third reason to start with Amazon is that there’s a lot less competition.

If you try to promote Clickbank or Jvzoo stuff you’ll run into a lot of professional marketers who will crush you. They aren’t interested in the $5-10 commissions you get on Amazon.

Amazon has millions of cheaper products with lower competitions and that’s why it’s a lot easier to get started.

I don’t recommend staying 100% in Amazon Associates forever but it’s a great place to learn the ropes. Once you build up your confidence, you can move into the more competitive areas with higher payouts.

Those were the 3 main reasons I’d recommend starting with affiliate marketing on Amazon.

Here are some questions I get a lot:

Do I need to own the product to promote it?

The answer is no.

It’ll help if you do own the product and show up in the video with it but it’s definitely not needed.

All you have to do is find all the info you can about that product and put it all together into an easy to go through video or article.

P.S. Video will convert better than text, but try to use both.

It’s exactly the same with online courses…

All the info in the course is out there for free. The reason people pay is to get everything put together in 1 place in the right order.

Make sense?

Another question I get is what type of products should I promote?

What you’ll wanna do is pick a niche (a topic).

The worst thing you can do is have a website or YouTube channel that reviews completely random products.

An example of this would be reviewing a headphone today, a blender tomorrow, and something else the next day.

Focus in on 1 topic and review all the products in that niche.

  • Maybe it’s audio equipment (headphones, speakers, etc).
  • Maybe it’s survival gear.
  • Maybe it’s fishing gear.

You probably get the point. You can create 3 different websites and channels for each niche and do them all but I wouldn’t recommend it.

Focus in on 1 niche, build 1 brand, and dominate that market.

Eventually, you’ll be able to come out with your own products and get free stuff.

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