How To Choose The Best Products To Promote

In this post, I cover the process I go through to determine how to choose the best products to promote on the internet to make the most money possible. It’s super important to promote the right products online because if you don’t you could destroy your brand or leave a lot of money on the table.

There’s a lot of reasons why you shouldn’t promote most products out there and I’ll cover those in a sec, but there are 3 types of products out there. They are:

  1. Products I don’t use and don’t recommend.
  2. Products I don’t use and do recommend.
  3. Products I use and recommend.

The first one consists of products I have never used, looked at or tested. These are the thing’s I DON’T promote because I have no experience with them. If I refer someone to a product and it’s complete garbage they’ll link that back to me and never buy again.

The second one is something I’ve looked at and see value from it or something from a person I know and trust. Even though I never used the product I know it will be quality and could help others.

The last one is products or services I actually use in my business and recommend to others. These are my favorite products because I know and understand how they work and the benefit they provide. My favorite product to promote that I use is Online Sales Pro for building landing pages, Nowlifestyle for an autoresponder, and Bluehost for website hosting.

Criteria For Best Products To Promote

  1. Make sure it’s a money-maker. The first thing you need to make sure is that you can actually make decent money promoting a product. With Internet products you normally get around 50% commission so make sure the product is priced high enough or has a recurring payment.
  2. Make sure the product has upsells you’ll get credit for. If you promote Amazon products you’ll get a commission on the initial sale but after that Amazon owns the customer and if they sell them the second item you WON’T get credit. Find products that have an initial offer and then are upsold complimentary higher ticket products you’ll also get credit for. The way you build a real long-term business is to have repeat customers and this is the way you do that.

The reason you want a product that offers additional upsells is that you’ll increase the lifetime customer value of everyone you bring in. When higher priced products are offered after the initial sale you have the potential to make a lot more money. It’s way easier to sell 1x $1000 product than it is to sell 100x $10.

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