How To Day Trade Cryptocurrencies For Beginners

How To Day Trade Cryptocurrencies For Beginners

In this post, I’m gonna talk about how to day trade cryptocurrencies for beginners.

Here are a few key points I’ll talk about:

  1. Don’t day trade if you’re beginner (educate yourself first on reading charts)
  2. Only day trade if you can trade with more than $1000/trade (otherwise swing/hold until you have more $$)
  3. Set criteria for what you’ll trade and don’t touch anything that doesn’t fit that (rsi under 35, high volume, above moving averages)
  4. Look at charts to plan potential trades. (supports/resistances, entries/exits)
  5. List the potential trades for the day and set alerts
  6. Buy close to support levels and sell before resistance (set stop loss)

Watch the video below for full details:

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