How To Find The Best Affiliate Products To Sell

How To Find The Best Affiliate Products To Sell

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Anyways, let’s jump into the lesson.

The Best Ways To Make Money With Your Brand

By now we have our niche and our site/channel created.

Before we start making content to build our audience we need to find the products we’ll be using to make money.

When we know what type of products we’ll be selling we’ll know what type of content to create.

Sound good?


There’s no 1 right product to sell…

It all depends on your niche and what your audience is interested in.

In my niche (entrepreneurship), people are interested in software and digital training products. There’s no way someone in the fitness industry would want software. See what I mean?

So, the first thing you need to do is brainstorm the type of products your following might want.

When you’re first starting I’d definitely NOT try and create your own product…

I promise it won’t sell.

That’s why we start with affiliate marketing.

You don’t have to create anything yourself or deal with customer support and returns.

All you have to do is send people to the product and if they buy you get paid!

Down the line, you can create your own stuff but stick with affiliate marketing for right now (it’s still my favorite passive income stream).

How do ya find these products?

There are lots of ways to do that like:

  • Looking for best sellers on Amazon.
  • Checking if there are high gravity products on Clickbank.
  • Spying on what other YouTube channels are promoting.

Pretty straightforward, but I put together a video walkthrough so click below, watch the video, and check out the bonuses.

How To Find The Best Affiliate Products To Sell

Next Steps:

There are some tools and resources I’m going to be recommending throughout this course. They’re all things I use myself and highly recommend if you’re serious about making this work. I’ve put together some bonuses I’ll be including if you decide to pick up some of the tools through my affiliate links.

Here are some lower priced tools I’ll be recommending. If you get one of these I’ll give you access to all the ebooks I’ve created (Kindle, affiliate marketing, paid advertising, etc) that will help you with your entrepreneur journey. Message me in the group or email me at jon [@] after you’ve purchased.

Here are some more expensive tools I’ll be recommending. If you get one of these I’ll give you lifetime access to The Passive Income Academy video course ($197 value) which I’ll constantly be adding new content to. It’ll cover things more in-depth like Kindle publishing, affiliate marketing, building your email list, and creating your own products. Message me in the group or email me at jon [@] after you’ve purchased.

Coming Up Next:

Tomorrow I’ll show you how to start building a massive following in your niche. You’ll start putting out valuable content that solves peoples problems and you’ll also put your affiliate offers in front of them to start making the money.

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