How To Make $1000 A Month On YouTube With Affiliate Marketing

How To Make $1000 A Month On YouTube With Affiliate Marketing

Want to learn how to make $1000 a month on YouTube with affiliate marketing?

It’s a pretty straightforward thing to do but it’s not easy.

Most people don’t make any money with affiliate marketing or YouTube and there’s a specific reason why.

What is the big reason?

The only way you’ll be able to get to $1000 per month with affiliate marketing is if you build a REAL affiliate business.

Most people focus on these little campaigns and that’s not gonna cut it…

There’s too much competition these days. The only way you’ll win is if you build an actual brand within your niche that helps other people through your content.

None of these bare-bones review videos with no value to offer.

You need to focus on helping other people first and getting the sale second.

That’s how you win big with this.

How do you actually create an affiliate marketing business?

Step #1 is to decide on your niche.

What type of products do you wanna promote as an affiliate?

It’s a bad idea to jump around between niches.

Focus on 1 and establish yourself as the authority in that niche.

Step #2 is to find the products.

Most people pick the wrong products to promote.

They’re normally way too competitive.

To get the ball rolling, find products people are already looking for.

What products are they buying already?

A lot of people want more information before they buy. Be the person who gives it to them.

  • Review products that have a lot of reviews on Amazon (this shows people are buying).
  • Compare the different makes and models.

After you’ve done this, move onto the products people need to accomplish something.

  • People need web hosting to have a website, so it’s essential.
  • People need a supplement or exercise machine to fix their back pain, so it’s essential.

After this, move onto products people don’t know they need yet.

Step #3 is to create the content.

Your #1 goal here should be providing as much information as possible for the viewer.

Don’t fill the video with fluff and expect the click.

Help them and they’ll help you.

If you’re reviewing product xyz your title should be something like: “Product XYZ Review | An Honest Opinion.”

If you’re comparing two different products your title should be something like: “Product 1 Vs Product 2 | Which Should You Buy?”

  • You can show up in the video with the product and review it (best results).
  • You can record the product and you pointing out different things without showing your face (second best results).
  • You can do a screen recording and powerpoint slides as well.

The video style isn’t what matters most. As long as the info is good you’ll make sales.

Step #4 is to promote your content.

Most people create a video and throw it up and hope for the best.

This might work in certain niches but definitely not in competitive ones.

What I like doing is giving my videos a bit of a boost for the first 5-7 days by running some paid ads to the video.

YouTube likes when you send people to their platform and will promote your videos more if you do it.

Yeah, it’ll cost me $5 per day for the first 5-7 days but after that my video should be ranked and making sales for years to come.

Think of it as an investment.

You can run Bing or Google PPC to your videos.

Let’s say someone searches on Bing or Google for “what are the best headphones in 2018”. I could have an ad that shows up that’ll link to my review video on YouTube.

Over the first week, I’ll be able to get hundreds of people to my video and all I’d need to do is make a couple sales to break even.

Step #5 is to create your affiliate marketing website.

I’d highly recommend you do this to add another traffic source to your business.

Most big affiliate marketers have their own website and Google is the biggest search engine and can generate a lot of traffic.

It’s cheap to have a website so why wouldn’t you?

Simply take the same info in the video and turn it into text.

Click here for a tutorial on setting up your website in 9 minutes.

That’s pretty much the entire process.

Simple but not easy.

Focus on making good content and building a brand for yourself as the authority.

Start with affiliate marketing and you’ll eventually be able to create your own products, companies will send you free stuff, and you’ll have a real online business.

Let me know what niche you’re getting into and if you have any questions. If you want more training on affiliate marketing and growing a brand with multiple streams of income be sure to subscribe to the channel.

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