How To Make Money Online With ZERO Investment

How To Make Money Online With ZERO Investment

Want to learn How To Make Money Online With ZERO Investment?I get asked this question a lot and finally decided it was time to give my opinion.

I get asked this question a lot and finally decided it was time to give my opinion.

Long story short, the answer is yes. In this post, I want to break down how to make your first dollar online without spending a dime. In my opinion, the fastest and easiest way to start making money online is through kindle publishing.

Kindle publishing is fast and easy because it doesn’t take much (if any) capital, and you can start getting paid hours after putting your kindle book for sale.

How To Make Money Online Without Spending A Dime

If you’re looking to start making a passive income online you’re in the right place. Even though it’s possible, it’s not the most effective way.

First, let me explain how to start making money with kindle publishing.

1. Strategy

Even though investing in a course to show you step by step is a faster option, it’s definitely possible to do it on your own. I’d recommend you not just jump right into it because you’ll probably make some mistakes.

If you’re gonna do it on your own you’ll want to watch a few YouTube videos or blog posts about certain strategies BEFORE you create the book.

Learn how to find profitable niches and keywords and you should be fine.

2. Niche

The most important step is finding a profitable niche and keyword to create a book on. Sometimes what YOU think will sell well actually does the opposite.

The first thing you need to do is look for topics in demand. Then create a book about that topic. It won’t matter how good your book is…if nobody is looking for it, it won’t sell.

This is super important. You need to look for niches that are in high demand with lower competition. Some topics are heavily saturated and you might not be able to rank for it.

So, how do you find a good topic?

Type in Google “Amazon best sellers list” and go into the “Kindle Book” category. Look into each niche and look at the top 100 books. Make sure the #100 book has a best sellers rank (in the product description) of at least 100,000 or less.

A book ranked at 100,000 and is priced at $2.99 (price our book will be at) will make around $50/month.

Let’s say you find the topic “Paleo Diet” is popular. Go to the search bar and type in “Paleo Diet”. Look at books on the first page. If all the books have 100+ reviews you probably won’t be able to rank for that topic. If some books have under 20 reviews that could be a good topic to write about.

3. Write Book

Even if you’re NOT good at writing, it’s pretty simple to write a book. I got C’s all through school in English and I have quite a few books for sale that I wrote. The great thing is that these books are short (5000-10,000 words). These ARE NOT full-length novels. Simple books that teach someone how to do something.

As long as your book helps solve a problem, it won’t matter how long it is. Like everything else, getting good at something takes time and effort, so don’t stress it at the start. If you really don’t wanna write a book you can outsource it for $50-100. Someone else will research, write, and edit it for you. Sites like is where I get writers.

How do you know what to write about?

Simply go to Amazon and look at other books in the same niche. Write down all the different chapters in each book. Pick a few chapters you’d want in your book and do some research on Google and YouTube. DON’T copy….just get chapter ideas.

4. Create Cover

You now have to come up with a title for your book and design the cover. The main title should be the primary keyword you want to rank for. For example, “Paleo Diet For Beginners” then have a good catchy subtitle that explains what the book will have in it.

There’s a lot of great free places you can design your cover. I’d recommend, but I always outsource my covers on for only $5. Up to you though. Look at best-selling covers to get some ideas.

5. Publish Book

Your book is done and your cover is designed. Now you have to go to, create a free account and publish your book. You’ll add the book info, upload the file and cover, and it’ll be for sale within 12 hours.

There’s a lot that goes into promoting your book but once you get the hang of it, it’s pretty simple. What you need to do is publish the book for $0.99 and get as many sales as possible in the first 7 days. Schedule your 5-day free promotion and then up the price to $2.99.

See more depth in the SPR course but these are the 5 steps to creating and making money from your kindle book.

If you follow these 5 steps and test and experiment with different techniques you will start making money. Or you could just learn from someone who knows what it takes to succeed.

If You Want The Fast Way

I understand that a lot of people aren’t able to invest in a training program but it is without a doubt the fastest way to see results. Learning from an expert will fast-track your way to success. You’re either gonna invest time or invest money, so it’s really up to you.

If you try things on your own you’ll most likely fail with the first few books. What it takes to be successful is to be persistent with it. Learn what you do wrong, learn new strategies, and apply them again and again.

I’ve tried both ways and I’d never go back to trial and error. No matter what I do I always invest and pay someone to teach me. I invested in a kindle program, I outsourced the majority of my books and covers, and I outsourced the day-to-day tasks of my business.

So what I recommend is to invest in a program IF you can. If you can’t, start doing a lot of research on Google and YouTube, create a few books, and then invest the money you make into your education.

Learn to work smarter, not harder if you want to be successful.

Chuck a comment below or let me know any questions you have.

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