How To Make Your Own Website And Make Money

How To Make Your Own Website And Make Money

What’s up, welcome to lesson #3 in the 7-day passive income mini-course.

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Anyways, let’s jump into the lesson.

Your Money-Making Platforms

Yesterday’s lesson talked about finding the niche to start your personal brand in.

Super, super important you pick something that has enough DEMAND with not too much COMPETITION.

Before we jump into today’s lesson you’ll wanna make sure you’ve done the steps in the last email.

Good to go?


So you know your niche and might have an idea what you wanna sell.

Let’s start making some money?


You’re missing one HUUUGE step…

You could be in the PERFECT niche and have the BEST products to sell, but if you don’t have an AUDIENCE to sell that product to you ain’t gonna make any money.

What you need to start focusing on is building your audience.

These are my 2 favorites and without them, YOU WILL FAIL.

What are the 2 money-making platforms?

  1. YouTube.
  2. A Website.

You’re gonna be putting out content on BOTH your YouTube channel and your site. Here’s how it works:

  1. That content will start to rank on the 2 biggest search engines in the world.
  2. People will find your content.
  3. Your content will solve their problems.
  4. Your content will also link to what you’re selling.


If what you’re selling helps them in any way, a good percentage of them will buy.

Simple as that.

But remember, without the audience, you won’t make ANY money.

Your first 3-6 months should be focused on creating as much high-quality content as you can to build up your following. You’ll throw in some affiliate links (which we’ll talk about soon) and make some money.

Don’t think you’ll get rich overnight because you won’t…but if you stick with it long enough you’ll get to the level you want.


What we’ll do in this lesson is set up our YouTube channel and website (which will take under 20 minutes). In the next lessons, we’ll talk about building/monetizing our following (won’t wanna miss that).

Alright, watch the video below and let’s get started.

FYI…all you have to do to start a YouTube channel is create a free account and upload a profile and cover picture using something like You’ll be able to figure it out.

But I will walk you step by step through setting up your site. Click the image below, watch the video, and check out the bonuses.

How To Make Your Own Website And Make Money

Next Steps:

There are some tools and resources I’m going to be recommending throughout this course. They’re all things I use myself and highly recommend if you’re serious about making this work. I’ve put together some bonuses I’ll be including if you decide to pick up some of the tools through my affiliate links.

Here are some lower priced tools I’ll be recommending. If you get one of these I’ll give you access to all the ebooks I’ve created (Kindle, affiliate marketing, paid advertising, etc) that will help you with your entrepreneur journey. Message me in the group or email me at jon [@] after you’ve purchased.

Here are some more expensive tools I’ll be recommending. If you get one of these I’ll give you lifetime access to The Passive Income Academy video course ($197 value) which I’ll constantly be adding new content to. It’ll cover things more in-depth like Kindle publishing, affiliate marketing, building your email list, and creating your own products. Message me in the group or email me at jon [@] after you’ve purchased.

Coming Up Next:

Tomorrow I’ll show you how to find the products you’re going to be selling. Don’t worry cuz you’re gonna be selling other peoples products (affiliate marketing) so you don’t have to create anything yourself.

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