How To Sell A Product To Someone

How To Sell A Product To Someone With Little To No Effort

If you want to learn how to sell a product to someone with little to no effort on your part you’re gonna have to develop a certain set of skills…

This is probably the most important thing you can know if you wanna be successful in business.

You could have the best product or service out there but if you can’t sell you’ll never make money.

Robert Kiyosaki said it’s called a “best selling book” not a “best writing book”…

And it’s completely true.

The person who can sell their book the best is the one that’ll sell (even if it’s not good).

So, how do you become good at selling?

You need to have 4 elements in your sales pitch:

  1. You need to get ATTENTION.
  2. You need to create DESIRE.
  3. You need to build TRUST.
  4. You need to provoke PAIN.

If you can do all 4 of these in your pitch, you’ll make a lot of money.

1) If you don’t have a persons attention they’ll never fully process what you’re saying.

That’s why the first thing you need to do is get them to 100% focus on you and what you’re saying.

You can hook them in with curiosity or something extreme, but you need to find a way to hold their attention.

2) If the person doesn’t desire your product or doesn’t want change they’ll never buy.

How do you get people to desire your product?

You can scare them into wanting what you’re selling (they’ll experience pain if they don’t buy).

You can show them how your product will benefit them (not features) and make their life so much better without doing all the stuff they hate.

You can show results other people have got using the product.

3) If the person doesn’t like, know, and trust you they’ll never buy what you’re selling.

The best way to build trust is to establish it BEFORE they get to your product.

That’s why I always recommend building your audience through blogging and YouTube.

They see you and your content every single day and they like and trust you long before seeing your product.

4) A person will only make a change if the PAIN of staying where they are now is greater than the cost of your product.

This is the absolute best way to get someone to take action and buy.

Instead of focusing on the benefits, focus on the pain of not taking action.

If it’s more painful to give you money than it is to stay where they are, you’ll never make a sale.

But if their pain level is really high and your product takes that away, you’ll sell it all day long.

Something you can do to increase the pain part is to include scarcity.

Make them lose out if they don’t purchase right now.

If you buy today you’ll receive a bunch of bonuses…

If you don’t buy today you’ll have to pay more tomorrow…

You can reduce the amount of pain they feel buying your product by offering a money back guarantee.

Or you can do a payment plan.

So, if you can focus on increasing the pain of not buying and decreasing the pain of buying you’ll become a master salesperson.

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