How To Start A Wordpress Blog And Make Money

How To Make $3692/Month With Your Blog

Here is the complete guide on how to start a WordPress blog and make money. We’ll cover setting everything up in only 8 mins, creating content, and building your reader base.

In my opinion, having a “home base” on the internet is a must have for anyone looking to be successful.

Your home base could be a blog or a website.

This is basically just a place to let people know who you are and what you have to offer.

A website is something you can fully control and nobody can take that away from you. Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube can all block your account if they don’t like something (it happens all the time).

Having my blog and creating content has allowed me to start building up my brand and following.

Trust is a huge part of being successful online, and a blog is a great way to not only build trust but also to make more money. My blog sends people to my kindle books, affiliate offers, and my own products.


When I was 21 years old I started reading a lot of books. Business books, self-development books, and motivational books.

I always thought it’d be pretty cool to have a website where I reviewed all the books I was reading and had affiliate links to Amazon. That’s where Passive Income Assignment started.

After I started having success with Kindle publishing I thought it’d be a good idea to start sharing some of the strategies I was using to make money.

I started creating blog posts about different kindle topics and then put an affiliate link to the Kindle course I went through.

I started getting a bit of traction after 4 or 5 months and saw how powerful a blog could be if I put more time into creating content.

So that’s what I did. I started looking into content creation strategies and came across a guy called Gary Vaynerchuk.

What he talked about is documenting over creation. This simply meant documenting your journey in building your business is a lot more powerful.

That’s when I started documenting everything going on in my business…

Strategies, products, goals, etc. Not only did creating content help me remember more of what I was learning, but it also was helping others which was pretty cool.

I quickly learned that helping others do what I was doing was a passion of mine.

I had no idea that sharing my journey and what I was learning would have an impact on others.

This allowed me to start building up my following and start building relationships with others.

This is a super powerful part of having success online.

Have you ever heard the saying, “If you help others get what they want, you can have what you want?”

The way I see things now is the more value I provide the more I’ll get in return.

I just wanna point out that blogging is NOT passive and requires a lot of time.

The reason I do it is that I enjoy it. Most of what I do now is creating blog posts and videos.

Don’t get involved in blogging if you’re looking for quick income or if it’s not something you want to do for the long run.

Blogging doesn’t feel like work to me, it’s more of a hobby that I plan on doing for the rest of my life. Documenting my journey from zero to a million is a pretty cool thing.


There are a few different ways I make money with blogging and YouTube. Here are some of the ways I do that:

When you give someone value and help them solve a problem, most of them will want to know more about you and what you have to offer. I use my kindle books to promote my blog and my blog to promote my Kindle books.

I do blog posts and videos about “How To’s” or reviews and sometimes will link relevant products or services that would help them. This is called affiliate marketing. If they end up buying the product I’d receive a commission.

For example, If I did a post on how to make money with kindle publishing I could include a link to the kindle course I went through.

Cool right?

I also use my blog to build my email list (your business’s most important asset).

This is a list of my subscriber’s email address so I can stay in contact with them. I can share all my new content and even send them affiliate offers.

There’s a bunch of different ways to make money blogging and making videos, and I’ll go through some below.


I’m gonna go through the 8 steps you need to take to start making money with blogging & YouTube. This is what I did and if you follow them and stick with it for the long term you’ll have a lot of success. No doubt about it. Here are the steps:

Step 1: Pick A Niche You’re Passionate About

  • I can’t stress enough how important it is to be passionate about what you’re blogging about. This is a long-term thing so make sure you won’t get tired of it after a few months.
  • Make sure there’s a big enough market out there. The big niches are health, wealth, and relationships, but there’s a lot more. Most niches have money to be made but just make sure there’s a decent number of people interested.

Step 2: Pick A Name For Your Blog

  • Make sure blog name is related to the niche you’re in. Mine has Passive Income in it because I’m in the make money niche.
  • A shorter name is better since people can remember.
  • Make sure .com is available.

Step 3: Get Your Domain Name, Hosting, And Set Up WordPress Blog

Step 4: Pick A Theme For Your Blog

  • Pick a theme you like. WordPress has a bunch of free themes you can pick (don’t stress over the look at the start).
  • Get a simple logo created at Fiverr for $5.

Step 5: Start Creating Content

  • This is where the majority of your time should be spent. The more HIGH-QUALITY content you put out the better (at least 1 post per week).
  • Your content needs to be INSANELY good.
  • Don’t talk like a robot. Write like you’re having a conversation with the reader.
  • Turn that blog post into a YouTube video and embed it on your site.
  • The more the better, but make sure it’s good.

Step 6: Share Your Content

  • Start sharing your content on whatever social media platform you’re on.

Step 7: Set Up Email List

  • Create an email opt-in form on your site with Clickfunnels to start collecting email addresses  Click here to get your free 14-day trial).
  • Create something to give away for free (E-Book, report, PDF, video, etc) in exchange for their email address.
  • Use the SendShark free trial to collect the email and set up an autoresponder sequence (these are automated emails that are sent to people who subscribe).
  • Share new content with the people subscribing to your list.

Step 8: Start Monetizing

  • Once you’re getting a consistent amount of visitors per day you can think about monetizing your site.
  • Don’t start right away because nobody will be visiting your site at the start.
  • Use affiliate marketing, and Kindle publishing to start making money.
  • Focus on building your following FIRST and serving them FIRST. Then you can focus on making money. Hard to do but it’s a must.

The best way to get started making money with your blog is through affiliate marketing and creating your own Kindle book. Check out these links to learn more about each.

These are the steps I took to create Passive Income Assignment. It took me a long time and a lot of effort but was definitely worth it!

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