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How To Use Attraction Marketing To Grow Your Business

In this post I’m going to show you How To Use Attraction Marketing in your business because it’s one of the most powerful ways to grow online. A lot of people don’t know how to do this the right way, so I’m gonna try and break it down step by step.

You’ve probably seen the people online who are making huge money every single day but don’t seem to be doing anything special…


So how is it that they’re able to do this while you’re here struggling…

You both could be using the same system, you both went through the same training, or you both are selling the same products. So why are they getting sales and you’re not?


Most people get online, figure out what they’ll be selling and expect to throw up a few videos, or toss money at some traffic source and be rich by tomorrow. Hate to burst your bubble but that ain’t gonna work.

To be successful online, your main goal should be focusing on getting new customers every single day. The best way to do that for your business is to attract them to you…not the other way around.

This is done by attraction marketing.


What is Attraction Marketing?

Attraction Marketing is all about providing value to your target market in ways that will help them solve their problems. The reason why this works is that people only do business with those they know like and trust and if you’re trying to build a business online giving value is the #1 way to build trust in the online business space.

When you give value, people are going to want to know more about what you do and then you can direct them to your link and sales funnel.

This has been my big focus over the last few months and it’s helped make dozens of sales on a weekly basis.

Imagine if you were flooded with emails, messages, and texts from people who want to know what you do and how they can get started…

So, if you’re trying to make $1,000’s online without having to prospect people or bug friends and family, then attraction marketing is definitely for you.

How To Use Attraction Marketing

The first thing you’ll want to do is focus on social media. There are billions of people on social media and if you’re not utilising it you’re just plain dumb. No offence…but it’s the truth.

The big 3 that I’d suggest at the time of this post are Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube. I’m more into Instagram & YouTube right now because I like how the platform works.

The 3 ways I get the majority of my leads are:

  1. Facebook
  2. YouTube
  3. Instagram
  4. Kindle Books

So, the way you build an online business is by 1) building an audience and then 2) selling to that audience. The first thing you’ll want to do is start building your following on a social media platform. If you’re just starting out I’d suggest picking 1 platform to start and master that. I see so many people trying to be on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, Periscope, Snapchat, and whatever new thing comes along.

This is a terrible strategy because you’ll burn yourself out before you start to gain traction. Instead, pick 1 to start, learn it, grow it, and then move onto the next.

After that, you’ll wanna look at who you want to market to. Don’t try to be everything for everyone. Come up with your ideal customer, and focus marketing to them (and only them). Generally, I like marketing to people similar to myself because I can relate.

Next, you’ll want to make sure your profiles are all set up correctly. They need to be clean and organised, have a good description or bio, and have a good picture of yourself. Have a picture of yourself outside doing something cool or with a nice view.

You need to pick what way you want to brand yourself and stick to that. Some examples could be a lifestyle entrepreneur, family person, traveller, etc. Something to make yourself stand out and make certain people want to follow you. Don’t try to attract everyone.

Let’s get into each social media platform:


I don’t do too many free methods with Facebook but the majority of my traffic comes from Facebook ads. I’ll cover the free method a lot of people have success with.

What you’ll wanna do on Facebook is start connecting with like minded people. There are literally thousands of people who are interested in your niche and what you have to help them. So, the first thing you’ll have to do is start connecting and building your friends list.

Go to a popular person or company page in your niche and start looking at who is engaging with their posts. Look at who’s liking and commenting and add 5-10 of these people every single day.

Once they accept your friend request you’ll want to start connecting with them. DO NOT MENTION ANYTHING ABOUT YOUR BUSINESS. Nobody wants to hear that from someone they don’t know. Instead, ask them questions about what they’re doing. Ask about their business, about their strategy, if they’re online or offline, or whether they travel lots. Just be sure to focus on them.

Don’t show any sign that you’re trying to sell them something because they’ll pick up on it quick. Have a normal conversation, build the connection, and have fun. The way you can bring them into your business is by using attraction marketing.

How you do this is by posting on your page. You’re gonna post results, lifestyle, value, and leave a call to action saying comment below or click the link if you want to learn more. And by doing that, a lot of these people will reach out to you to learn more. It’s really that simple…

If you don’t have any results to post, all you have to do is post value. Value can be quotes, motivational videos, or something you just learned. You should be constantly learning, applying what you learned, and then teaching it to others.

Just remember to NOT post about your business or opportunity. Focus on branding yourself, showing results, lifestyle, and teaching…and people will ask what you do.

If someone responds send them a message asking why they want to learn more about XYZ. Have a brief conversation with them and send them to the video.

The most important part of this strategy is being consistent. Post and connect EVERY SINGLE DAY.


Instagram is one of my favorite ways to attract people these days because it’s pretty simple to show up in front of the people you want. Instagram is mostly pictures but you can also post 1-minute videos which are pretty cool.

The whole goal of Instagram is to get your posts on the explore page. This is the “popular” page that you see when you tap the little search button on the bottom. Those pictures that show up are on the explore page. You wanna be there.

So, just like Facebook, you’ll want to post results, lifestyle, and value. Some ideas for posts are motivation pictures and quotes, books you’re reading, where you’re traveling, etc. Put in a caption just like you would on Facebook, and use hashtags related to your niche.

You can put up to 30 hashtags in each post. You should pick 20-30 hashtags that are related to your business and brand. For example, in the entrepreneur niche there’s #entrepreneur, #lifestyle, #motivation, #lawofattraction, etc. You can search Google for the top hashtags for each niche.

Post your picture with a good caption and put the hashtags in the very first comment.

If you don’t have a lot of followers you won’t get a lot of likes on your posts at the start, same with any platform. You have to be consistent with it to grow your following. Keep grinding and the results will start compounding.


The strategy for YouTube is similar to Facebook, but instead of posts, you’ll be posting videos. Post videos about how to do something, results, or lifestyle and leave a call to action with your link.

What should you videos be about?

A lot of people struggle with picking a topic to do a video about, but that’s actually the easiest part. All you have to do is watch a successful person’s video, take notes, and create something similar in your own words.

Again…learn, apply, teach.

All the “gurus” out there did the exact same thing. They didn’t start by knowing everything. They learned from someone, they applied what they learned to their business, and they taught you.

So all you have to do is read books and watch videos, and teach people what you learned.

When I first started with video, I took the 30-day challenge, which meant I would do 30 videos in the next 30 days. I’d never done a video before and was pretty nervous, but after the 30 days, I felt a lot more comfortable. If you’re new to this I’d definitely suggest the 30-day challenge.

Again, the most important thing is to be consistent. Start by creating at least 3 videos per week, then work your way up.


There you have it. That’s my strategy for using attraction marketing to grow your business online. My results didn’t really go anywhere until I started using this technique to get leads. When I first started I was like most people, expecting to just throw some money into paid ads and expecting to see results. I quickly learned that doesn’t work.

You need to focus on building your brand FIRST and then attracting people to you instead of prospecting around 24/7. Apply some of these strategies, take action right now, and stay consistent with it and you’ll see results.

Create a 90-day plan for yourself and stick to it. For the next 90 days come up with a game plan for how many videos you want to make, or how many posts to do. At a minimum, you’ll wanna post 1x per day on Facebook or Instagram, and 3x per week on YouTube.

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