Is Affiliate Marketing Dead? Make Money Affiliate Marketing

Are you interested in making a potential six figure income while you sleep? If so, network marketing might be for you (Also called affiliate marketing).


Network marketing is when you receive a commission for referring a customer to buy someone else’s product or service. This is an awesome way to generate income because it is so easy…


This is because you don’t have to put in any time and effort creating a product. The seller already has done this by making the product, creating a website and sales page. All you have to do is refer your visitors to the affiliate site, and for each sale, you receive commission.


How awesome is that?


If you currently have a decent following, this could be an effective and easy way for you to make money online.


My goal is to make this a big part of my site, not only for the income, but I want to help people by referring them to tools and resources that have helped me.


Everything that I recommend to people, I do because I’ve used it and it had a positive impact on my life and business. I want my success to be from being open and building trust, so if I find a service or course that I loved, I want to share that with you.


3 Easy Steps To Make Money Affiliate Marketing

1. Find A Product To Promote

This is the first important step for creating passive income online with affiliate marketing.


The whole idea of affiliate marketing is creating a source of value where people come and trust what you’re doing and want your opinion.


This is where you can recommend products and services that will benefit them, all while generating a commission for yourself (at no extra cost to them). This is a win-win situation for you both.


Cool right?


Did you notice what I just did there? That was an example of affiliate marketing. I recommended a service that had helped me in the past, and if you were to click on the link and join the service, I’d receive a small commission (at no extra cost to you)!


Sometimes it is difficult to rank a blog on google for an extended period of time, and I’ve found that reviewing a product using a Youtube video and posting that on your blog is much easier to rank…


This is because Youtube is owned by google, and is held at a much higher status than a new blog. This is a powerful tool to use in your favour.


Another example on how to affiliate market is by creating a resource page and listing all of your favourite products and services. You can have a little review on each of them, and if someone is interested, they can click on the link and it will take them to the companies page. Check out how I do this Here.


2. Build An Email List To Market To

After you have set up some sort of platform to market on, it’s time to build up your Email list.


This is a huge part, and in my opinion, is a must have. Once you have a list, it’s time to provide your subscribers with awesome free content, and also, recommend awesome products.


This is another way I make money online.


On my site, there’s a opt in section for people to join and receive this passive income guide, and also other cool content that’s not available on the blog. Once people opt in, I receive their Email address.


The first, and most important thing to remember is, you MUST focus on providing value and building trust. I do this by sending out as much quality content as I possibly can.


Then, and only then, can you start promoting products to your list.


If you start doing this right away, before they trust you, everyone will just unsubscribe because nobody wants to receive tones of emails from someone selling stuff.


But I cannot stress this enough, provide as much free content as you possibly can first.


This is an extremely powerful tool, because if there’s a product that I really like, and I think others would too, I can easily send that info out to my list. I believe this is fair because I’m spending all this time putting together this content to make other peoples lives easier.


There are 2 important parts to remember here…

  1. You MUST only recommend products that you believe in and will benefit others, and not just to make money. You must always put your visitors first, so only recommend products and services that you feel very comfortable with.
  2. Don’t over promote to your list. You must provide an even balance of value and promoting. You need to give enough value to your visitors so they will want to keep coming back, and the number one way to lose a visitor is by just selling them stuff.


The main lesson here is, the most important part of building a list is generating trust and a relationship with your visitors. You must look out for them as much as, or even more than yourself.

Get your autoresponder here.

3. Generate Traffic To Your Website

Once you have awesome content on your site, it’s time to start driving in traffic.


There are many ways you can do this with things such as SEO optimization, keywords, ads, and social media. For paid advertising I use a company called Human EyeBalls. You essentially pay them to drive a certain amount of clicks to your offer. I’ve had some good success with them. Check them out here.


One of my favourite ways to generate traffic to my site is through my kindle books. Each book that I create gets hundreds of downloads, and in each of these I promote my site to people, so this is an extremely easy way to get in front of tones of people.


For example, creating a book on how to trade penny stocks. This will get in front of hundreds of people, and chances are, they will want a next step suggestion.


This is where I can refer them to my site and share with them the course I took on how to trade penny stocks. They will be happy because they are learning more and I’ll be happy because I received a small commission.


My kindle books can also be used to build my list.


People are joining my list because they want content and recommendations regarding certain things. This is where I can suggest products to people who are looking for exactly that.


Once again, I highly recommend educating yourself further on how to find niches and set up your network marketing site.


Without this program I’d be so far behind where I’m at today and it’s also very inexpensive.


You don’t need to follow a course on how to network market, but I would recommend it if you’re wanting to learn fast.


It is possible to learn on your own, so choose whatever course of action you’d like. Investing a bit up money up front will save you countless hours of your time and will generate you so much more money.


I’ve taken the self taught route for certain things and it is very difficult and time consuming.

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