January Goal Report


-Earn $5000 per month passive income.

This Month: $5,637.71 passive income.

I’m almost 3 full months into kindle publishing now and am having a lot of success. The majority of this month’s income is from my kindle books. My goal has been achieved 10 months early!

November: $1,150 passive income


-Increase my Investment account 100%. (from Sept 2015-Dec 2016)

This Month: %15.5.

I have taken a break from trading this past month since the markets are in a downtrend. Will be revisiting once I see a market bottom and good buying opportunities.

November: +16.2% (overall return YTD)



-Create 80 high quality kindle books.

This Month: 35 books live on Amazon

November: 19 total (11 live and 8 being created)


-Create 30 Audiobooks of my best sellers.

This Month: In the process of sending all my books out to be turned into audiobooks. This is a bit of a lengthy process but it’s been started.

November: None so far. Focusing on kindle books first.


-Create 10 paperback books of my best sellers.

This Month: 1 live on Amazon. I’m currently sending out all my books to be turned into paperbacks as well.

Last Month: None so far. Focusing on kindle books first.


-I will launch my own product on Amazon.

This Month: In the idea process right now. Should be starting this within the next couple months.

November: Will be focusing on this after kindle.


-I will hire a virtual assistant to help me run my business.

Result: Achieved.


Life And Self Development

-Quit my day job.

Result: Achieved!


-Read 20 books.

This Month: 11 total since August. The 3 I read in January were:

Last Month: 8. You can see all the books I’ve read and recommend in my book section.


-Attend The Millionaire Mind Intensive.

Result: Will be attending in 2016.


Thanks for your support! I wish you all achieve success and I’d love to hear about your progress.

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