This Amazing Kindle Software Manages All of Your Books for You

I wanted to share with you some extremely useful kindle publisher tools I have come across that has helped me run my kindle publishing business.


Throughout the past couple months publishing, I’ve gone from doing basically everything myself to hiring a VA to do most of the work. I always found it difficult to find a VA who was actually reliable and was able to do the things I asked.


This tool has allowed me to not even need a VA for these small tasks. I now have this software that takes care of all these small repetitive things that I don’t have time for.


Making money in Kindle is fun, but there are certain tasks that you get tired of very quick. Managing all of your books can be an extremely time-consuming and boring task.


If you don’t believe me, go and ask Kindle publishers that have more than 5 published books and ALL of them will tell you that the managing and tracking all of their books is something unbearable.


Well, there’s good news since there’s actually a massively useful piece of software that allows you to manage all of your books in just ONE place.


Click HERE to see what’s all about…

(This is my affiliate link. If you buy through it I will receive a small commission at no extra cost to you. It would be very much appreciated!)


It’s something super easy:

1) Fire up this Kindle “Bad Boy”. 2) Check all of your rankings, keywords, vital data reviews and much more in mere seconds. 3) Make better decisions and make MORE money with less effort!


K Optimizer was created for Kindle publishers who were sick and tired of manually checking all of their books…


You want the passive income lifestyle, not to be slaving away in front of your laptops all day long!


This tool has saved me countless hours and is also way cheaper than having a VA do all these tasks. It has made my life so much easier and makes the publishing process that much more enjoyable.


Don’t delay and get set up now:

=> Click Here to learn more about this tool.


Oh, one VERY important thing.


There’s nothing to install.


You only have to login to the member’s area and you can have access to the software and have at your fingertips all of the IMPORTANT information at a glance!


How convenient is that?


Give it a try for yourself. I think it’ll be a huge time saver for you.

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