Making $100 A Day On YouTube Explained

Making $100 A Day On YouTube Explained (Even If You’re Lazy)

In this post, we’re gonna talk about making $100 a day on YouTube explained and how you can do it if you’re completely lazy and don’t want to work.

Maybe you’re a teenager who wants to play video games all day or maybe you just want to make some extra money…

It doesn’t really matter because this can work for anyone.

All you have to do is be willing to upload simple 5-10 minute videos on YouTube.

You don’t have to show up on camera (it’llĀ help if you do)…

And you don’t need to have any skills…

Just be willing to put in a few hours per week to create the videos.

So how do you actually make money?

There are 2 main ways you’ll be able to make money with this:

  1. The first is by having ads show up before your videos.
  2. The second is by selling products in your videos.

If you’re able to build up a channel that gets a lot of views you’ll be able to make some decent money through ad revenue.

It depends on your niche but you can make anywhere fromĀ $2-6 per 1000 views.

If you can get around 25,000 views per day that’ll be around $100 per day.

If you’re able to build up an audience you’ll be able to sell them products (your own or other peoples).

Selling a $25 product 4x per day would give you another $100 per day.

Not too bad…

So how do you actually set this all up?

Step #1 is to pick a market.

It could be health, wealth, relationships, pets, etc.

The best case scenario is that you have an interest in 1 of these topics.

If you don’t simply spend a few hours researching the topic by reading blog posts and watching videos.

Search for popular channels and videos in your market and create something similar.

The most important thing here is that you make high-quality videos that help the end viewer.

If you don’t you’ll never make any money.

So it’s gonna take a bit of upfront effort to learn the ins and outs of the topic but after that’s done and you have a handful of videos out there it’ll be pretty hands off.

Step #2 is to make your videos.

You can either appear in the video yourself or do powerpoint slides.

They both work as long as the content is good.

The best thing to do is model what’s already working and getting a lot of views.

It can be review videos, tutorials, tips and tricks, etc.

You can create the videos using Powerpoint or Keynote and screen record yourself reading through the slides.

At the end of the video tell them to click the link in the description.

It’ll take them to buy the product you’re reviewing, something that’ll help them achieve their goal, or to a sales funnel you have.

Step #3 is to promote your videos.

This’ll give your video a little boost and get YouTube to rank and promote your video.

There are a few things you can do:

  • Good keyword research.
  • Clickable thumbnails.
  • Share on social media.
  • Run some paid ads.

Step #4 is to remarket the viewers.

If you’re able to put out 10 videos that get 1000 views each you now have a retargeting list of 10,000 people.

You can then run ads to these people selling them different products/services.

I have more videos on this which you can check out after.

But once you start doing this your business will be pretty passive.

All you need to do is upload a few videos per week and make sure your ads are profitable.

But here are just a few key points to end things off:

  1. Pick the right market.
  2. Focus on producing awesome content.
  3. Do keyword research to figure out what your market is looking for.
  4. Be willing to invest in paid traffic.

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