Making Money On The Internet: 0-3200/Month Passive Income In 60 Days

I often get asked about what I do and how making money on the internet can be done and the answer I give them tends to get some odd looks. I get responses like, “you actually make money doing that?” or “Isn’t it time you get a real job?”. This is because the world of business has changed so much in such a short period of time, people who aren’t actively into social media and online business really have no idea about the potential out there.


People are absolutely astonished when they hear about people making money on the internet by having a blog or from sitting at home in your underwear, but let me tell you, it’s 100% achievable and anyone can do it. When I tell people about what I do, I tell them how they can do the same but they can’t wrap their heads around potentially quitting their job and taking a leap on their own.


That being said, I want to share with you how I was able to go from $0-3200 per month passive income in 60 days. What I did here wasn’t done overnight and it required a lot of work, but I know it is simple enough that ANYONE can do it.


The way I was able to do this was through Kindle Publishing. I created short ebooks and sold them on Amazon. Now when I say I created, you probably thought, “I don’t want to write books” or “I can’t write”, but guess what…I didn’t write these books. These books were all created by writers from around the world for very little money. I simply am acting as a publisher, but I own the books.


Throughout the 60 days I was able to create 25 books, and these 25 books generated me thousands of dollars, completely passive. When I refer to passive, that simply means I basically sit back, relax and watch the books sell. I’m required to do very little once my books are out and selling. I just want to say, I was pretty aggressive in doing 25 books in 2 months. Most people don’t do this much, and I don’t recommend doing so in your first couple months. I was only able to do this because I had help and I don’t have a day job, so I was able to focus on the publishing. I’d recommend you start slow and learn everything you possibly can at the start. Then start to scale up.


I’m now going to share what the first 60 days looked like, then I’ll go into more about the Kindle Publishing process.


Days 1-30

During the first 30 days, it was more of a learning month and testing out the waters. I published 1-2 books per week during this month. The first couple weeks I was doing most of the process myself and It took up a bit of time. Once I learned the process, I began to outsource a lot of the process and this allowed me to scale up.


The revenue from the first 30 days was terrible. I only made about $250, which was pretty cool, but nowhere close to where I wanted to be. The reason the revenue was so low was because it takes about 14 days before a book starts making real money. During the first 2 weeks your goal is to rank your book high on Amazon, then you can focus on making money. So a lot of the books didn’t end up making money until month 2.


Days 31-60

This is when things started rolling along nicely. The books from the prior month started kicking in, I was publishing 3-4 books per week, and I was getting the majority of the work outsourced. This allowed me to focus on finding and making new books. During this second month, I was able to hit $3200 in revenue.


Even though this is good, since it’s completely passive, and I don’t have to worry about doing much and these books will be making me money for years to come, I’m still far away from getting to my goal of $10,000 per month. If 25 books can generate me $3200 per month, then that means 25 more will have me around $6500. I believe I can create another 25 in less than 2 months, so this shows how scalable this business model is.


Now let’s get into the process of Kindle Publishing.


Making Money On The Internet – How Does Kindle Publishing Work?

The entire process is pretty simple and straightforward and an entire book can go from idea to published in less than a week (depending on where you get it done). Obviously, if you want to write it yourself it will take longer but that’s not part of my process. The most important parts are step 1-4, and this is the part where I spend 80% of my time. Here is the general process:


Step 1: Keyword Research

This is the MOST important part, since this sets you up for either success or failure. This is where you see if your book will make money or not BEFORE it is even written. Keyword research is when you search on Amazon to see if your book niche is popular, and how much competition you will have. This is essential because if nobody is searching for your niche, it doesn’t matter how good and well written your book is, nobody will buy it.


I generally will spend 1 or 2 days out of the month and come up with a list of potential books to get created. I come up with a list of 10-20 book ideas, and once that’s done, I’ll send my favorite out to be done.


Step 2: Title Creation

This is the second important step that will either make or break your book. The title of your book is key, not only for selling, but also for keyword ranking on Amazon. Your title needs to be attractive and draw in the potential reader. Your title has to show them that your book will solve their problem. Not only this but your title also has to have keywords in it to rank high on the Amazon site. You could have the best book written, but if nobody can find it, how well do you think it will do?


Step 3: Cover Creation

This is a major step in the process because the cover is the first thing that draws a person in. When they’re searching through the site, the first thing that will catch their attention is the cover. This means your cover needs to be visually appealing and stand out from everyone else. It needs to be unique, clean and simple. Covers can be made from as little as $5. This is all a cover costs me.


Step 4: Book Description

After your cover gets the readers attention, and the title draws them in, the next thing they will look at is the description. This means your description has to tell them what the book is about and how it will solve their problem. Your description should be lengthy and outline every major benefit they will get from reading your book and how your book is better than everyone else’s.


Step 5: Outsource Book

There are many different sites out there that you can send your book to in order to be written. There are companies that can do this, or you can hire an outsourcer on freelance websites. I’ve done both and I prefer dealing with the companies. All that’s required of me is to send them the title, and length of the book. They will research and take care of everything.


My books always start out at about 5000 words and then I usually will go back and add more words to the book once it’s selling. 5000 is a good starting length because it allows you to test the market and see how well the book will sell without jumping head first and spending a lot of money. The whole idea should be to keep costs low at the start. A 5000-word book will cost me a total of around $55-65 (total for everything).


Step 6: Edit and Publish Your Book

Once your book is done, it’s time to edit your book and upload it to Amazon. This is very easy and can be done and live on Amazon in hours. The awesome thing about ebooks is that you can always fix things and upload a new file. This means your book doesn’t have to be perfect before you put it out. You can always go back and make it better or fix spelling mistakes. Just remember, done is better than perfect. Don’t wait for your book to be perfect because it never will be.


Step 7: Promote and Get Reviews

Once your book is live on Amazon it’s time to start getting some sales. I always start my book at $0.99 and this is because you need to get as many sales and reviews as possible in the shortest amount of time to rank high on Amazon. I usually do this for about a week and once I have some reviews I’ll do a free promotion. This is where you give your book away for free for 5 days. The object of this is to get a bunch of sales in a few days and boost your book up the ranks. After the promo, I usually either push up my price to $2.99 or $4.95.


There you have it. That’s basically the entire process of Kindle Publishing. Seems pretty easy right? You’re probably thinking now that there must be more. While that is the entire process, I would recommend further education on the process in more detail. I’m now going to share with you the course I took to learn how to do this. This course was great, it walked me step by step through the process and it was incredibly easy to follow along. This course shows you everything you need to know, from where to get the books written, covers done, and how to promote your book.

Where To Learn?

I hope this has opened your eyes. In my opinion, this is the #1 place you should start if you’re new to making money online.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me on social media.

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