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Publish On Kindle – My Self Publishing Blueprint

Ready To Publish On Kindle?

Are you looking for the easiest way to make a six figure income with passive income? If so, I have the perfect solution for you, and it might surprise you. The easiest way I’ve found to create a passive income is through Kindle Publishing. Through kindle publishing you can easily create a source of income within a few weeks. Not only is this an extremely quick process, but it’s also scalable. This means that you can quickly grow your kindle business to make more money in a relatively short time. If you’re looking for something to diversify your income, this is definitely where you want to start. I’ll be sharing my exact strategy, how I came across kindle publishing, and how you can do the same. Continue reading for my passive income guide.


You might be thinking, “Publishing? Where am I going to get a book from because I’m no author”. But what if I told you that getting a book done is the easiest and quickest step. We can now get an original book created within a week and for very little. Even established authors are using this strategy because it saves them tones of time. After the book is written, we own all the rights so everything we make goes into our pocket.


I am quickly building up my portfolio of books and I’ll give you a general idea of how it all works and what the costs are. There are many websites out there that have a team of writers that will write content for you and there are also freelancers that you can hire. Books can be written for as little as $30, but we want to make sure our books are high quality, so I’d recommend spending at least $40-50. The only other cost required on our part is to get a cover created. This will only cost us $5. All in, we will spend about $45-60 per book and it will be done in about a week.


Think this sounds too good to be true? Well like I said, the writing process is the quickest and easiest part. You will need to come up with a book title in a profitable niche and then send that to the writer. They will then do all the research and create your book. So within a week you can go from an idea to your book being sold on Amazon and making you money.


Our goal for each book will be to generate $50-100 per book per month. So it will generally take a month to break even, and then the rest will be profit. This profit will be made as long as Amazon is still a business, which will be for a long time. So think about it… if you could generate $50-100 per book, how many would you make?


My Goal

Over the next year I plan to create 80+ books and have each making me at least $50 per month. If it only takes me a month to recoup my initial investment, I will be profiting at least $4000 per month, completely passive. This means that you could potentially build a six figure income for yourself in a year.


I know people who have 200+ books, and these are all assets that will last for a long time and generate you a lot of money. The kindle business is booming, and it won’t be going away any time soon. This is becoming a very popular way of creating income for people, so now is the right time to get in. Not only does kindle publishing create you a very nice income, but it also creates other sources of income through affiliate marketing.


How Kindle Publishing Works

I’m going to share with you the exact process of getting your book created and also how you can learn to do the exact same. There are many important strategies that it takes to rank your book high on Amazon, and I will show you how you can do this too:


The basic process of kindle publishing is:

  • Research a profitable niche
  • Create your title with proper keywords
  • Outsource your book and cover
  • Rank your book on Amazon
  • Price your book
  • Get reviews
  • Write your description


These are all very important aspects, and the course I took and recommend will teach you exactly how you can do this with its step by step process. Signup to my kindle community to find out more about this course.  It is priced extremely fair, and this small investment will payoff 100x. Basically one to two months will get your money back. Not bad if you ask me.


Once you learn the step by step process of getting a book done, it’s time to scale up your business. This means making 1-5 books per week. If you make 2 books per week, that’s 8 books per month. These 8 books will be making you $400 per month. Get the idea yet?


The beauty about this is you can actually outsource 90% of the process for pennies, and this will allow you to increase production and increase income. This process doesn’t take someone who’s familiar with computers or marketing. It can be done by ANYONE willing to learn this easy process. I know 60+ year olds who are making a killing with this. I also know people who are making $30,000+ per month with this same technique. So whether your plan is to make a couple hundred per month or tens of thousands, this can all be done relatively easily.


Passive Income Guide: Start Making Money Through Kindle

The money you can make from kindle is awesome, but it doesn’t end here. There are tones of ways you can create even more income through your books.




First of all, your kindle books can be turned into different formats. This includes paperback versions (at no extra cost to you) and also audiobooks. This allows you to reach even more people, thus, increase your revenues each month.


Another way is to advertise other people’s products through your books. For example, if you had a book on a certain diet, you can advertise someone’s product that would benefit them even more and you will earn a commission. This can make you a monstrous return for virtually no work on your part. Sounds good right?


If you have a website, you can also promote your site in your books. For example, I have books out there about passive income and making money online. In these books I advertise my blog, which will increase traffic and increase my back end revenue.


If you aren’t motivated to get started with this, I don’t know what else I can say. Basically my respond would be WHY? You probably are in a job that you don’t like making satisfactory money, so why continue with that? I’m giving you an opportunity to change your life and do what you’ve always wanted to do.


I’m not writing this to benefit me. I’m already on my path and my life has changed dramatically. I want to help you live the life you’ve always dreamed of and I know Kindle Publishing can make that happen. That is the whole point of this website. I’m doing this for personal enjoyment because I enjoy helping people.


Step 1: Picking A Profitable Niche

In this lesson I’m going to share with you how to find profitable niches in both non-fiction and fiction.


Criteria For Successful Niches

Whenever I’m looking for a new niche to get into, I have general criteria that I look at. This is extremely important because this either sets you up for success or failure. You can have a great book, cover, title and description but if the niche isn’t popular you won’t make any money.


Here are my general criteria that a niche must follow:

  • A few books must have a best sellers rank of 50k or lower.
  • A few more books must be in top 100k BSR (Best sellers rank).
  • Can I make a series of books?
  • Can I make a backend for that series?

As long as you follow this general criteria, you will almost always publish a successful book.


Brainstorming Potential Niche Ideas

The first thing you’ll want to do is brainstorm a list of potential niche ideas. You can come up with a large list of ideas at this point that fit the general criteria listed above. We will be going over and further analyzing the ideas in the next lesson, but for now just come up with a list of ideas.


The way that I brainstorm ideas is to search on Amazon for markets, keywords and topics. I like to look at the best sellers list to see what is selling. To browse the best sellers list, go to:

  1. Go to
  2. Click on Shop By Department.
  3. Go to Books and Audible.
  4. Click on Kindle Books.
  5. Click on Best Sellers.


This will show you a list of all the categories and what is selling best in each. Each category will have the top 100 best sellers, so this will give you a good idea on what is already selling and what you could possibly get into.


What you’ll want to do now is click through each category and come up with a bunch of potential ideas. I like to come up with 10-15 ideas in each niche at this point. Look for repeated topics in the best sellers list. Here’s an example.

You can see from this example that there are 2 books related to happiness and removing negativity. So you could add this to your list of ideas because the idea of happiness is repeated.


Fiction Books

When you get into fiction, your strategy needs to change a bit. Fiction provides a lot more room for profit because they provide entertainment for people and they will read everything in a niche. With non-fiction, people will usually buy 1 or 2 books that teach them about something and that’s it, but with fiction, they will continue to buy whatever you put out.


The difference between fiction and non-fiction is that fiction books need to be very entertaining and longer than non-fiction books. When searching for fiction ideas, you can do the same process as before. There are lots of different niches in fiction, such as mystery, romance, thriller, suspense, etc. You can narrow down each of these categories further. For example, thriller can be narrowed to crime fiction.


You’ll want to look to see if specific keywords and niches are hot by looking for repeated keywords and high BSR in each category.


This is the general process I always follow to determine if a niche is profitable or not. Now we will further analyze the list of ideas you created.


Step 2: Keyword Analysis

We are now going to go through the list you made and find out what keywords are best and what niche you should pursue. We will also go over how to analyze competition and pick the most profitable topic.


It is very important to do the proper research before you start your book. If you don’t you’ll be setting yourself up for failure. Some people think they have a good idea but don’t do the research and it ends up not selling. Even if you have a great book, cover and description, if you’re in a bad niche it won’t matter.


Go through this process to make sure your book will sell before hand to remove all risk.


Finding The Best Keywords

The first thing you’ll want to do is search for the keyword that most people are searching for. To do this, go to Amazon and select Kindle Store.


Next, in the search bar type in your keyword and see what people are search for. For example, if you type in “gardening” you’ll see a list of suggested keywords that people are searching for. The suggestion at the top is the most searched for and the one on the bottom is the least. You’ll want to incorporate the first suggested keyword in your title.


If we search for “gardening” you’ll get a list of books that are related to this keyword. The number of books isn’t important because you will be able to easily outrank the majority of them if you follow these lessons.


You will want to look at the top few books to see how well they’re selling. You’ll also want to look at how many reviews they have, what they’re priced at, and the description.


As you can see, the top 3 books have 8, 211, and 36 reviews and are priced at 2.99, 2.99, and 3.99. Book 2 should be ignored because it is a print book and has a lot of reviews. You won’t be able to compete with that, which is fine. Books 1 and 3 have a low number of reviews and are priced at the same price as you could do, so this shows that you could compete with these books.


How To Know If A Book Is Selling

How do I know if a book is selling? It’s very easy. All you need to do is look at the books BSR (Best Seller Rank). We want to look for books that have a BSR of at least 100k or better and are priced at 2.99. A book that is ranked 100k and is at 2.99 will make around 50$ per month.


To find the books BSR you will open the book up and scroll down to Product Details. Open the first 3-5 books and check each. Here’s an example.


As you can see, books 1 and 3 have a BSR of 32,000 and 43,000. This shows that these books are selling very well. Since these books would be similar to the one you’ll be making, you can estimate how much you will be making if you put out a book like this.


You’ll want to look at a few more books to see if there’s any more that are selling. Sometimes there’s only 2 books that are selling and the rest are not. This is because the author is probably driving outside traffic to their book. If this is the case, you should stay away from that niche.


Again, look at a few different books that you could compete with. Ignore books that are priced higher and have 100+ reviews.


As a general rule, look for a few books in the top 100k and preferably a couple in the top 50k. If the top ranked books are above 100k, then there is no point getting into that niche because it is clearly not selling. Move on to the next idea.


Analyzing Competition

Once you’ve found a profitable niche, you’ll want to look at some of the competition to see if you could create something similar or better. Look at similar books with same price and lower number of reviews. Look to see if you can make a better book, better title, more reviews, cheaper, or a better description.


If you can do any of these it most likely would be a good idea to create a book on this topic.


This is how you can do keyword research to refine your list of ideas and see if there’s room for you in some of these niches. Next we will be going into creating a title that sells.


Step 3: Creating A Title That Sells

If you’ve been following along you should have already picked the topic of your book and found a few profitable keywords that you want to rank for. We will now optimize those keywords to rank you high on Amazon.


What Really Sells Your Book

There are 3 things that determine if you book will sell or not and that comes down to your cover, title and reviews. Without a good cover or title or having no reviews on your book, your book will not rank well which will result in no sales. The way that your cover and title sell your book is that your title will have keywords in it which will help it rank high on Amazon and your cover will attract the customer and make them purchase. We will get into creating a good cover later, but for now we will focus on the title.


Your title needs to not only have keywords in it to help rank but it also needs to sounds appealing to your customer. You need to have an even balance of keywords and let your customer know how your book will help them. I find that a lot of people spend so much time picking a title that they think sounds good but the problem is that this doesn’t work most of the time. You need to do the proper research when picking a title.


Criteria For A Great Title

This is the criteria that you must follow when coming up with a book title.


  • You must have a title and subtitle.

Have a short title with the primary keyword in it and a more descriptive subtitle about how your book will solve their problem.

  • You must have the primary keyword as the first word in your title.

Your title must have keywords in it that people are searching for, otherwise nobody will be able to find it. The more keywords you have and the earlier they appear in the title the better. For example, if you book is on gardening, your title should be something like, “Gardening For Beginners” and NOT, “A Beginners Guide To Gardening”.

  • Must be descriptive and show the benefits the customer will get.

Your customer must be able to see exactly what they will be getting by reading your title. For non-fiction books, your book title needs to tell them what problem your book will help them solve. I like to make sure my titles are longer and very descriptive so the reader knows exactly what they’ll be getting.

  • Needs addition keywords in subtitle.

In your subtitle it is important to add in other related keywords that people are searching for. This will better rank your book.


Kindle Publishing Tips

The most important part of your title is to have your primary keyword as the first word. This will ensure that it ranks as high as possible when people search for that keyword.


For example, if the primary keyword is “foraging” you will want to have that as the first word in your title. Here is proof that this strategy works:


As you can see, all the top books all have one thing in common. They have the keyword “foraging” as the first word. Take what works and apply it to your own book.


Good Vs Bad Title

Let’s compare a good vs bad title. An example of a bad title is, “The Ultimate Guide To Foraging”. This is because the keyword shows up later in the title. This won’t rank as well as the good version to this title. An example of a good title is, “Foraging: The Ultimate Guide”. Having an early keyword will help you rank higher.


To help your book rank even higher, you’ll want to add in more keywords to your subtitle. From looking on Amazon, we can see that other popular keywords related to foraging are, “foraging for beginners”, “foraging guide”, and “foraging tips”. To further optimize our title, we want to add in a few of these. For example, “Foraging: The Ultimate Guide – A Foraging For Beginners Guide To Grow Wild Plants”. This is an example of a title that is well built for Amazon’s algorithm.


This book will rank well because it has the most popular keywords and it shows the reader exactly what they’ll be getting and the benefits they will have.


There you have it. By using these strategies and techniques, you will be able to create an awesome title. By using this technique combined with a great cover (which we’ll cover next) you will be able to sell a lot of books.


Step 4: Criteria For A Successful Cover

The cover is probably the most important because it will be what the reader sees first. The cover needs to stand out and must make the reader stop and look more into your book. Covers are extremely easy to get done and will only cost you $5. I outsource all my covers to a website called Fiverr. This is where tones of designers will be able to create you a cover for only $5.


All you need to do is search for “kindle covers” on fiverr and hundreds of different people will come up. I like to filter the results by highest rating and pick someone who has had a lot of sales and has good reviews. All you need to do is click “order now” and give them your book information and they will take care of the rest.


I like to provide them with a design that I want them to copy. I’ll search Amazon and find a cover that I like and send it to them. They will create something very similar and put your book info on the cover. I like doing this because by using a design that is already out there and is selling, I can assume that my cover will stand out as well.


Do some research in your niche and see what other covers look like. If all other covers are red, you should make something blue. Don’t copy other covers in your niche because it won’t stand out. Your cover should have large font and you should be able to easily see what your book is about. I’ve found that simple covers work best. Have a simple design with large font and a good picture and you should be fine.


Picking Your Image

There are a bunch of options for picking an image for your book and some are better than others. Sometimes I use pictures and sometimes I don’t. It all depends on the niche I’m getting into. Sometimes your designer will pick an image for you, but if you want to pick one yourself consider these:



Google (Last Resort)


It is important to make sure your image is a stock photo. This means that the image is not copyright. You don’t want to put a picture on your cover that someone else owns and can potentially come after you for. This is why I said use Google as a last resort because a lot of images are owned by someone. All images on iStock and Shutterstock are stock photos so I’d recommend finding one from there.


A lot of people spend hundreds of dollars on a cover and I don’t recommend you do this. For $5 on fiverr, you can get a cover that is good enough and will sell your book. When you are first starting off you will want to keep costs low until you really know this entire process. The only time I would consider getting a high quality cover designed is if you want your book featured in book stores, but this isn’t the route we’re taking.


Step 5: Creating Your Book

The big thing to remember here is that you need to focus on quality over quantity. I’m not saying that having a lot of books is bad but your book need to be high quality. When publishing first came around there wasn’t much competition and people earned more money putting out more books. Since then it has really taken off and so much competition has come and if your book is poor quality it won’t last long. Your book needs to be longer and better written.


Now, if you have high quality books and you put out more books you will make more money. But for people starting out, it’s important to start with quality and get the process mastered.


With kindle books, shorter books tend to sell better. A lot of people don’t want to spend weeks reading a long book. They would rather get a shorter book that they can read in a couple hours. In saying that, when you’re first starting out you should keep your books shorter (5000-6000 words) and improve as you go. My process is to start out with 6000 words and if the books starts selling well I’ll add another 4-5 thousand words. I do this because I don’t want to spend a lot of money making a long book and then have it not sell. Always test the market first.


Make sure that your book is very informative, clear and well formatted with no spelling mistakes.


Creating Your Book

When creating your book, you can either write the book yourself or you can outsource the process. For this we will focus on outsourcing because this is what I do. I outsource my books because I’m in no way an expert on most of the topics I chose. I’m able to leverage other people’s knowledge and time to scale up my business quick.


There’s many different ways to get a book written for you that will be really inexpensive. The average price for a book to between $1-1.5 per 100 words. So if you are to start out with a 5000 word book it will cost you between $50-75.


The awesome thing about outsourcing your book is that you can simply give the writer your book title and they will do all the research. This will save you a bunch of time that you can put towards getting more books made.


Where To Get Books Written

I get the majority of my books done at a website called Upwork. This is a freelancing website where people from around the world are available to do various tasks. You simply post a job saying you need someone to write you an eBook, and within 24 hours you will get people applying to your job. You can then further screen them and ask them questions and once you find someone you like; you can hire them.


The process of posting a job on Upwork:

  1. Signup for a free account.
  2. Create your job and enter a title.
  3. Chose “Writing & Translations” and then “Creative Writing”.
  4. Put in your description. See belowfor a sample template.
  5. Select fixed price and put in your budget. I always do $50 for a 5000 word book.


Sample Description:

Job Title: E-Book Writer Wanted

Job Description: I’m looking for a quality writer that can write e-books for me on a variety of non-fiction niches and topics. You must be able to effectively research the niche or topic that I give you and write me with a unique, 100% original quality book (5000 words) that will help people. You must have good grammar and spelling as well. I’m willing to pay up to $1 per 100 words and am looking to build a long-term relationship with someone that can provide quality books for me quickly (within 7 days’ delivery).

Please apply here with your proposed rates in your application, as well as a sample of your writing for me to review.


Once someone applies that you like, give them your title and they will take care of the rest. It’s that easy. You will be able to request revisions if you don’t like their work.


I always look for people who have a good rating already and have worked a lot of hours. I generally avoid people who are new or who have below 80% success rate. Sometimes someone who is top rated will charge $10 more for the job, and it may be worth the extra cost to get a higher quality book.


Once I get my book from the writer I always check to see if it’s original and unique. To do this I always put samples of my book in google to see if anything similar comes up. Take a paragraph from your book and paste it into google and see what comes up.


I also use copyright checkers such as plagscan and copyscape. These allow you to upload your book and it will see how unique your content is. This is very important to do because I have had people submit work that was copied from another book on kindle. If this happens, Upwork will refund you for your work.

Step 6: Publishing Your Book

In this lesson we will cover self publishing on kindle. By now you should have done your keyword research, create an awesome title and cover and outsourced your eBook. We are now hours away from your book being live on Amazon.


You will want to make sure your book if formatted well and is easy to read. I do this myself because it doesn’t take long, but there are people on fiverr who will do this for $5. All you need to do is have nice spacing and have your text justified. I find that the books look bad when the paragraphs are not spaced so I’d just make sure it is visually appealing.


Next, you will want to create your free kindle publishing account.  Once that is done you will click on “create new title” and start entering your book info.


First thing you’ll want to do is to make sure your book is enrolled in the KDP Select program. This means that your book will be exclusive to Amazon for 90 days and you cannot publish it anywhere else. You want to do this because it allows you to give your book away for free for 5 days. This is very important because your free promo can be used to give your book away and get reviews. Reviews are a huge part of ranking high, so you want to get as many as possible.


Another benefit to being in KDP Select is that it allows you to have your book in a program called Kindle Unlimited. This is where people pay $9.99 per month and can borrow an unlimited amount of books for free. You then get paid for each page they read in your book. This has become the core strategy for my books (which we’ll talk about later), so this is very important.


Enter Your Book Details

You now want to enter your book title that you made before. Remember to have your primary keyword as the first thing in your title.


Next is your description. This is another important part because this is what will sell your book to the reader. You have 4000 characters to use for this, so make sure you use them all. Here is what your description should look like:

  • A headline that grabs the reader’s attention.
  • • The sub-headline provides a promise.
  • • The first paragraph gives an introduction to the book.
  • • The 2nd sub-headline gives them a preview of what they’ll learn.
  • • Provide bullet points of the benefits of what the book contains.
  • • Have a “call to action” by giving the reader a reason to buy now.
  • • If possible, provide testimonials of what others are saying.
  • • Have another “call to action”, telling the reader to buy now.


Here is how you should format your description:

<h2>(insert headline here)</h2>

<b>Today only, get this Amazon bestseller for just $0.99. Regularly priced at $4.99. Read on your PC, Mac, smart phone, tablet or Kindle device.</b>

You’re about to discover how to… (Provide a brief paragraph or two describing what the book is about, what they will learn, the benefits, etc…)

<h2>Here Is A Preview Of What You’ll Learn…</h2>


<li>(insert bullet point)</li>

<li>(insert bullet point)</li>


<li>Much, much more!</li>


Download your copy today! Take action today and download this book for a limited time discount of only $0.99!

(insert call to action here)

Tags: (insert additional keywords for the book here)


By using basic HTML such as <h2> and <b> you can make your description book a lot better. <h2> will make your font large and bold. <b> will bold your text. <ul><li> will add bulleted points. So make sure you use them.


Verify Your Publishing Rights

Click “This is not a public domain work and I hold the necessary publishing rights.” This tells Amazon that you hold 100% of the rights.



You can place your book in 2 categories that will feature your book. This is very important because this is how a lot of people will find your book. There’s tones of options to pick from and my strategy is to pick 1 category that is pretty general and then 1 category that is very niche.


For example, if I’m doing a book on the Atkins Diet I’d chose something like “Diets” in Health and Fitness and then “low carb”. Diets is a more general niche that will be harder to rank in and low carb is a more descriptive topic. If you can get high enough in a category you will receive a Best Seller tag, so this is why I pick one that is less competitive.



Next, you will have to pick keywords for your book. You can pick 7 different words that your book will rank for. This is how the majority of people will find your book. If your book is on the Atkins Diet, you want to make sure your book comes up when someone searches that. This is why you want “Atkins diet” and one of your keywords.


One thing you don’t want to do is to have all 7 keywords related to the same topic. Don’t have “Atkins” “Atkins diet” “Atkins diet for beginners” “Atkins recipes”, etc. You want to have your book in as many places as possible, so spread your keywords around to other related topics such as “low carb” “weight loss”, etc.


Upload Cover and Book



Now it’s time to set your price. You can either select a 35% royalty or 70%. In order to get 70% royalty your book will need to be between 2.99 and 9.99. Once your book is ranked well, you will want your book to be 2.99 because this is where almost everyone prices their books. Have your book at $0.99 until your book ranks high enough. $0.99 books get a lot more downloads so this is how you will rank higher.


Click on Worldwide rights – All territories and then hit publish. That’s it! Your book will now be live in 12 or less hours. Now that this is done the real work will begin. You will need to get reviews, market your book and rank it.


Step 7: Book Launch

In this lesson we will be covering the launch process for your book. This will be the first 2 weeks that your book if live. This is one of the most important lessons so you won’t want to miss this.


This is the most important 2 weeks because this is when Amazon will be marketing your book the most and you need to make sure you take advantage of that. There’s a few things that you need to do that we will cover, such as, getting reviews, marketing and getting sales.


This timeframe is so important because if it’s done right you can get your book on the best selling list and then Amazon will do all the marketing for you. Once your book is on a best sellers list, the momentum will keep you ranked high and get a lot of sales. If you have a bad launch, you’ll need to do a lot of marketing to get your book ranking well and this can take a lot of work.


The formula for ranking high on Amazon is this: paid sales+reviews+free downloads+shortest time period=high BSR.

Step 1: Launch Book at $0.99

You’ll want to do this because your book will get a lot more downloads when it’s at 0.99. It doesn’t matter that you won’t make a lot from these sales, what’s important is that you’ll quickly boost your book’s rank and quickly get on a best sellers list.


Step 2: Get At least 5 Reviews

During your first week you’ll want to get as many sales as possible and get at least 5 reviews for your book. This is important because this will boost your rank high and you’ll probably get in the hot new release category. It doesn’t matter where the sales or reviews come from. They can be from family, friends or someone you gave the book to for free.


A fast way to get reviews is by swapping honest reviews with other authors. This isn’t exactly allowed by Amazon but as long as the review seems honest and legit it normally passes. There’s other ways to get reviews such as, waiting for people to leave reviews, asking friends and family, and giving it away and asking for honest reviews but these may take a while and the whole idea is to get lots of reviews quick.


The way to do review swaps with other authors is by using Facebook swap groups. Here is a list of groups you can join to get reviews:


There’s a lot more if you search but here’s the main ones I use. Join these groups and you’ll be able to find other authors looking for review swaps. When you’re doing swaps with other make sure both of you are aware that it’s important to actually click through the book, wait at least 3 days, then post the review. Otherwise your review will most likely get flagged and won’t be posted.


Here’s some more tips about reviews:

  1. Have a mix of 5, 4 and 3 star reviews to make it look natural.
  2. Make sure spelling and grammar is correct.
  3. Be aggressive and get a lot of reviews. 5 is just a general must have. Obviously the more the better. You can get more during free promo too (talked about later).
  4. Be sure to click through book and post review 3-5 days later.


Step 3: Schedule Free Promotion

Now that your book has some reviews and is starting to rank higher it’s time to schedule your free promo. This is where you’ll be able to give your book away for free for 5 days. This is a must do for your first promotion because having a high amount of downloads a week or two after publishing your book will help with ranking. You can also use this to get more reviews. During this time, I generally try and get at least 10 more reviews.


To do this go to promote and advertise in your KDP dashboard and schedule your 5 day promo.


You’ll want to eventually outsource the review process because if you’re putting out a lot of books this will be very repetitive, time consuming and boring.


When I schedule my promo I almost always do Sunday-Thursday. I’ve found that these are the best days to have a free promotion. Now, if you just schedule your promo and don’t do any marketing you probably won’t sell a whole lot so it’s important to get advertising. The great thing is that there’s tones of websites that will do this for free. Here’s a list of free promo sites that you can send your book to. Note, a lot of these require 7 days’ advance notice before your promo so schedule accordingly.


These are just a few of the many out there. These sites won’t guarantee that your book will be featured but a few of them most likely will. A lot of these sites also offer paid advertising and this will guarantee that your book will be featured.


Submitting your book to all these sites is a very time consuming process and I don’t recommend you doing that. There’s 2 options for this:

  1. Hire a VA to submit to these sites.
  2. Use a software that submits to all these with 1 click (recommended).

I’ve tried submitting to these sites and having a VA do this and I don’t suggest you do the same. For the same price as having a VA you can buy software that will do this for you and much more. I use a software and it allows me to submit to 32 different kindle sites with 1 click, send out a press release for my book, and track my book rankings. Join the community to find out more about this software.


Step 4: Get More Reviews During Promo (Change price to 2.99)

Now that your book is on free promo you’ll want to get some more reviews to rank even higher. As a general rule I get another 10 reviews during the promo. All together this will be 15 and this is a good amount for starting out. There’s no harm in getting more though.


Step 5: Market Your Book On Twitter

There’s a lot of different accounts on Twitter that have a large audience of book readers and they will actually tweet about your free book to their readers. All you need to do is send them a tweet about your free book and they might re tweet to their audience. Say something like this, “Get my free kindle book today: (insert book name). Get it here: (insert link). Here are some accounts to add and tweet to:

@FreeKindleDaily @booksinkindle @rkseries1 @Kindle_FREE @kindlefreebook @Kindle5StarFree @5daysfreebooks @4FreeKindleBook @4FreeEBooks @GracefulKindles @eBookDiscovery @booksontherocks.


Here’s an example of what you should tweet:

“@freekindledaily Get my kindle book for free: (insert title). Free for a limited time (link)”


You’ll only want to tweet to each of these once per day. Nobody likes being spammed so don’t send them 20 tweets per day.


Step 6: Change Price Back To 0.99 and Cancel Promo

This is a strategy that I’ve recently been using and have had some success with it. Normally people just let their free promo expire after the 5 days are up but this isn’t what you want to do. Here’s what you do instead.


On the Thursday at about 12pm you’ll want to manually cancel your promo and price your book at 0.99. By doing this, your book will show up in the free book list for about 3 hours and will be priced at 0.99 and this adds marketing exposure for your book. If you were to let the promo expire after the 5 days your book will automatically be transferred from the free book list to the paid book list. The free book BSR is not the same as the paid BSR so your book won’t be ranked as high and I’ve seen quite a few paid sales Thursday afternoon by doing this.


Keep your book at $0.99 for the next day or two to keep the momentum up and once your book is ranking well you’ll want to change your price to $2.99. This is the price that most people price their book. If you price it higher you may lose sales because your competition is priced lower.


That is the book launch process. If this is all done correctly, Amazon should start marketing your book more and you shouldn’t have to do much. Once this is done, create another book and do the process all over again. If you followed my previous lessons, you should start making a nice chunk of change.


Step 8: Whats Next?

Ok, so your book is published and hopefully selling on Amazon. Think it’s just time to sit back, relax, and collect paycheques? This may work for a bit but it won’t last for long. After the first couple weeks Amazon will stop marketing your book as much and this means you need to make sure your rank is staying high.


How do you do this?


For one you have to maintain your keyword ranking. Two, you have to make your book profitable long term and three, you need to expand your book into new markets.


If these 3 things are done your book should almost always be making you good money every month. We’ll start with maintaining your keyword ranking.


How Books Are Ranked On Amazon

Books in the kindle store are ranked by keywords in the title and from the 7 you’re able to choose. Once your keywords are picked, the formula for increasing your rank is: paid sales at either 0.99 or 2.99 + free downloads + reviews. Getting more of these 3 things will boost your book higher in the search categories.


How To Improve Ranking

Generally, if you’ve done what I talked about in previous lessons your book should be ranked fairly high but sometimes it can be hard if you’re in a competitive category. If your niche is competitive it might take 2 or 3 promotions in order to get ranked in the top 5, but once you’re there you will make a lot of money.


If your book isn’t on the first page you should reduce your price to 0.99. There’s no point having your book at 2.99 and on the 3rd page because not many people will search that far. Price does not effect how much your rank increases when someone buys your book and you’ll get a lot more sales at 0.99. Then, once your book is high enough you can increase to 2.99.


Another thing that I like to do is get as many downloads as I can a couple days before my free promo. Normally I just swap books with other authors and try to quickly boost my BSR. This will put me in a higher position once my book becomes free and that higher ranking will result in more free downloads.


The final thing that can help improve your keyword ranking is to add all your books to your wishlist.  There’s a section that has “most wished for books” and chances are if you get a good number of wishlist adds you will get in that category. When doing swaps with others, get them to add your book to their wishlist.


Make Your Book Profitable Long-term

It is very important to improve your books if they’re selling well. If you don’t improve your book it will most likely die off and it will be hard to get it selling again. You want to be continuously adding to your book, making it longer, and getting more reviews.


You’ll also want to make sure you keep on top of the promotions. I recommend to use the free promo option if your book is at the bottom of page 1 or worse. If your book is in the top half of page 1 then I’d go with the Kindle Countdown Deal and have it priced at 0.99 for a full week. Use these promos to get more reviews.


Keep on top of reviews as well because if you’re able to get 100+ reviews, it will be very hard for others to come in and knock you off that top spot. You will become a dominant book and make a lot of money.


Finally, you’ll want to create a series of books that complement each other. This will give you something to market to your existing readers and hopefully help them even more. It’s much easier to sell to someone who’s already purchased from you and this is taking advantage of that. An example of this is if you already have a book about the paleo diet you can make one for paleo breakfast and paleo slow cooker.


Expand Into New Markets

You’ll want to turn your book into a paperback and audiobook next. This is another way to reach more people because certain people don’t like kindle books and some like listening to books instead. Doing this will also make you look like a real author because your book will have all these different options for customers. Some also say that this ranks you higher.


This is a must do because it doesn’t even cost you anything to turn your book into these. For a paperback book you can use Amazon’s company called Createspace and they will print your book on demand when a customer needs one. It doesn’t cost you anything at all because you hold no inventory. When someone buys a book it will be printed by Createspace and shipped to the customer. Amazon takes around $6-7 and you get the rest. No brainer to me.


You can also turn your book into an audiobook for free and it is very easy as well. You use another Amazon company called ACX. ACX gives you a royalty share option and this means that someone will voice over your book and they will split profits 50/50 with you. It required zero time for you and it’s an extra source of income.


That is essentially it for the book publishing process. Once everything we talked about is done it’s time to grow and scale up your business. We will talk about this later.


Step 9: Scaling Up And Growing Your Business

Now that your book is live and selling, it’s time to start making more money. It’s time to start growing your business and scaling up your process. In order to make more money with kindle, you have to start creating more books. Generally, the more you publish the more you make. But you still have to remember to maintain your old books and make sure they’re still selling.


How To Scale Your Kindle Business

The perfect kindle model is to make as much money as possible with the least amount of books. The thing with this is that it’s very unlikely that a single book will make you thousands per month unless you are an established author. I know people who have 10 books and make thousands per month and I also know people who have 50 books and make under $100. My model is to make an average of $50-100 per month per book. Just remember that having 200 books won’t guarantee that you’ll make money. Your books need to be high quality and you must maintain them.


Not only do your books need to be quality, but they also need to be fully expanded into different markets such as createspace and ACX to bring in that extra income and start building an email list. Your email list can be used to offer affiliate products and also to market your new books. Check out my post on how to build an email list.


I don’t just make money from my kindle sales. I also make money offering affiliate products to my list. I have a list for all my different niches and also use these to launch a new book and get some reviews. An email list is such a powerful tool so you shouldn’t overlook it. Get a few related books out first and then focus on this.


Start making more books once you’re seeing a return. Simply do the same process over and over again and you will have a lot of success.


Outsourcing The Process

It may seem like an easy process when you first get started but you will quickly get tired of doing it. Doing this over and over will become super boring and your time would be better spent doing something else. This is why we need to outsource the process. The whole process can be outsourced to people in the Philippines or India for a couple dollars an hour. They will take care of anything you could possibly want and this will save you a ridiculous amount of time. Take my word for it…you DO NOT want to do the process yourself.


All I use a VA for is getting reviews. I’ve become very quick at finding keywords and categories so that doesn’t take much time but the review process is one of the more time consuming things I’ve ever done. I get a VA to get all my reviews and I pay them $1 per review. This is pretty standard and I wouldn’t pay anymore than $1.50 per review.


You need to start working ON your business and not IN your business. This means you need to leverage your time and automate the process with systems. This is where a VA comes in and it is very important that you take advantage of them.


Step 10: Establishing Authority

Now that you have a book or two published on Amazon it’s time to start building some authority. You now want to start building a series and also a backend. This is important because Amazon has become very competitive and you need a way to stand out from everyone else. You can’t just throw out a book and expect it to sell. You need to start building a brand and a series of books that cross promote each other.


Cross Promoting Your Books

Cross promoting your books is an effective way to make some more money and improve your book rankings. I do this with all my books and have found that it works great. At the end of all my books I have a section called “More books by me” and I have all my books listed. I also have a “Preview of…” section where I show a few paragraphs from one of my books. This works because someone will most likely purchase another one of your books if they enjoyed the first one.


Just make sure that the books you’re cross promoting are related to the book. Don’t have unrelated topics because 99% of the time they won’t want it.


Create A Series And Bundle

Since you’ve followed what I talked about before you should have a few books that are related. If someone buys one book you’ll want to offer them a second and third book that will further benefit them. Once this is done you’ll want to bundle all your books into one larger book. I have a few different books where I took 8-10 books and bundled them into 1. I generally charge a couple extra dollars for these books and have had success doing so. This is just another asset that will put more money into your pocket and won’t cost you anymore time.


Make Money From The Backend

At the very end of my books I have a section that promotes a special offer or opt in opportunity that I use to sell affiliate products or get people on my email list. You want to do this because it is another income stream for you and makes you not so reliant of Amazon for money. What happens if Amazon suddenly changes its rules and your income is cut in half? Don’t put all your eggs in one basket. Get people on your list and start making money on the backend.


What you’ll want to do is have a bonus offer such as a free book that you give to someone for signing up to your list. This can be anything they might find helpful. Once they’re subscribed to your list you can now offer them affiliate offers that are related to the book they read. If they purchased your book on the Paleo diet you can offer them a 14 day meal plan for example.


It’s important that you don’t just spam them with offers. This will cause them to unsubscribe. You need to have an even mix of value and offers. Have your first few emails as value adds and then throw in an affiliate offer with an affiliate link. Most people won’t purchase from it but a few will and it didn’t take you any time.


This is an awesome way to build awareness for your blog or YouTube channel as well. For one of my books I took a few blog posts, put them into a perma free book, got people to signup for my blog, and they purchased an affiliate product. This didn’t cost me any extra time or money and this one free book makes me hundreds per month.


This is only something you’ll want to do once you have a few books out. Some people think that they need to have a blog, YouTube channel, squeeze page, and an autoresponder before they publish any books. This is just dumb. Start with publishing, build a series, and then start focusing on the backend.


There you have it. That’s pretty much the general process of creating your kindle book. If you follow these lessons, I have no doubt in my mind that you will make yourself a nice income. There are obviously more advanced techniques that can be used and I’ll be sharing more of these in my email series. Signup to my list to get more advanced lessons.


But before you do that, I want you to focus on these 10 lessons first and master the process because this is 90% of the process. The advanced lessons will only add on to this process and compliment what we’ve already talked about.


Now What?

Like I said before, by applying what I talked about in this book with confidence I have no doubt at all that you will be able to earn what you have always wanted to and live a quality life. The only thing holding you back is yourself, so don’t be afraid to get out there and get everything you want.


How To Get Started With Kindle?

Over the past couple years I’ve spent thousands of dollars learning different kindle strategies from multiple courses. What I’ve done is I took all the best strategies and combined them into my own kindle training course called Self Publishing Assignment. Click here to check out my free kindle mini series.

I hope this has opened your eyes. In my opinion, this is the #1 place you should start if you’re new to making money online.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me on social media.

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