The 4 Hour Work Week Book Review

The 4 Hour Work Week Book Review

In this post, I’m going to do the 4 hour work week book review and what I thought about the book. The 4 hour work week is a book by Tim Ferriss and basically goes over how to create your dream lifestyle, quit the 9-5 grind, and like the title says…work 4 hours a week.

The whole concept seems kinda cool. I mean, being able to work 4 hours per week while money comes pouring into your bank account while you’re sitting at the beach. Sign me up right?

Who wouldn’t want that kind of lifestyle…

Here are the main topics Tim covers in the book:


– How to outsource your life to overseas virtual assistants for $5 per hour and do whatever you want?
– How blue-chip escape artists travel the world without quitting their jobs?
– How to eliminate 50% of your work in 48 hours using the principles of a forgotten Italian economist?
– How to trade a long-haul career for short work bursts and freuent “mini-retirements”?
– What the crucial difference is between absolute and relative income?
– How to train your boss to value performance over presence, or kill your job (or company) if it’s beyond repair?
– What automated cash-flow “muses” are and how to create one in 2 to 4 weeks?
– How to cultivate selective ignorance-and create time-with a low-information diet?
– What the management secrets of Remote Control CEOs are?
– How to get free housing worldwide and airfare at 50-80% off?
– How to fill the void and create a meaningful life after removing work and the office.


But here’s the thing…is it really possible to live the 4 hour work week?

Even though this is one of my all-time favorite books, living the 4 hour work week is a complete fantasy, and I’m gonna tell you why this won’t work for you.

I’m sure some people will disagree with me, but I couldn’t really care less what they think. I’m here to tell things from my perspective, so take it or leave it.

Again, this book is one of my all time favorite books…BUT it’s not because of the 4 hour part.

The 4 Hour Work Week Book Review: Why I Liked The Book

The 4 hour work week was the second business book I read and it’s what really got me interested in having an online business and wanting to become a lifestyle entrepreneur. I liked the idea of having a business where I could travel the world, quit the 9-5 grind, and have automated cash flow…but the 4-hour thing seemed kinda far fetched.

But even though it seemed like it was too good to be true, the real value I got from this book was sparking the entrepreneurial interest and getting started online. Before this book, I’d always thought I’d have my own business, but the plan was to always have some sort of brick and mortar or startup business. Looking back it was a good thing because that’s not what I wanted whatsoever.

I liked the idea of outsourcing certain tasks of my business overseas so I could have more time doing income producing activities in my business. Pretty much, I thought every part of this book was awesome EXCEPT the fact that you could do this while working only 4 hours per week…especially at the start.

The 4 Hour Work Week Book Review: Why It’s A Complete Fantasy

So why do I think the 4 hour work week concept is a complete fantasy?

The first thing I’ll say is that it’s not completely impossible to live the 4 hour work week. There are 2 situations when it’s possible. It’s definitely possible to work only 4 hours every week on your business (it’s even possible to work 2 hours…) but I can almost guarantee that for 99% of people out there, they won’t get the results they’re looking for. The second situation is for someone who’s been hustling hard for years and can finally sit back and see the benefits of their hard work.

But the big takeaway here is that when you’re starting out you’re going to need to hustle hard to learn all the in’s and out’s of your business, to create content, build your brand, and create relationships.

It’s crazy how many people out there think that this concept is a reality and they’ll join, throw a bit of money into paid ads, sit on the beach sippin’ pina colada’s, and collecting paycheques…

And even though I’ve talked about working a couple hours per week on my business before, that’s only because I put in hundreds of hours before learning and mastering the process. But I wanted bigger and better things and I wanted to expand my business, so that’s why I’m putting in a lot more than 4 hours each week.

I guess what I’m saying is that you can work 4 hours per week on your business, but if you’re just starting out you’ll get crushed by the guy working 40 hours per week. It’s all about momentum…the more you can create quickly, the more benefits you’ll see later.

The funny thing is that Tim Ferriss actually spends a lot more than 4 hours per week on his business. Think about this…the more time he spends doing his podcast, doing interviews, and appearing on TV the more copies he’ll sell. In my opinion, the 4 hour work week is just something to make you start thinking outside the box and showing you that you don’t need to join the 9-5 grind.

Going back to why it’s a myth to live the 4 hour work week…for the majority of people who work only 4 hours on their business, over time their income will either plateau or start falling. In most cases, they’ll get too comfortable with the lifestyle and start neglecting their business. I know from experience because it happened to me while I was making 5-6k per month. I got too comfortable and wasn’t growing my business like I should have.

Do Something You’re Passionate About

The way I look at things now is that you need to find something you enjoy doing. If you enjoy doing something why would you spend only 4 hours a week doing it…

Find something you enjoy doing so much that it doesn’t even feel like work. That’s where I’m at right now. I don’t feel like what I’m doing is work. I could spend 8-10 hours per day doing this and not get tired. And once you find something you’re passionate about, you’ll start seeing the results you’re after once you start putting in the time and effort.

If you’re trying to live the 4 hour work week lifestyle, you’ll have to be willing to put in 40+ hours each week for years BEFORE you should expect that kinda lifestyle.

This is what a lot of people don’t realize with the whole thing. It’s not gonna be easy. You need to hustle and grind if you expect to see results. But if you’re willing to do that it’s definitely worth it.

The 4 Hour Work Week Book Review: What To Do Now

What I want you to realize from this post is that hard work should never be overlooked. You may have some decent results working only a few hours but I can guarantee that it won’t be sustainable long term.

You need to start focusing long term and building a sustainable business. The more effort you put in the more you’ll get out. So many people preach the laptop lifestyle, sitting on the beach, etc…but the one thing they don’t talk about is the work and hustle it takes to get there.

People always talk about if you have a positive mindset, set goals, and results will come. That is complete BS. If you don’t put in the grind it’s not going to matter how positive you think…you won’t succeed.

Thinking positive does help a lot, but thinking positive doesn’t produce results. Hard work does.

So if you’re one of those people who want the 4-hour lifestyle without doing the work part, don’t even bother getting started because you’ll waste your time and money.

But if you’re willing to put in the work at the start, learn everything you can, develop your mindset, and take action, you will never look back…

Hope you enjoyed this post about The 4 Hour Work Week Book Review!

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