In this post, I’m gonna talk about Kindle publishing in 2018 and why you’re probably not making as much money as you want with it.

What I’ll talk about here is how you can go in and dominate ANY niche and keyword you want on Amazon.

The publishing game has changed over the past few years…

When I first got started all you had to do was throw up a  bunch of books and you’d start making money.

That doesn’t work these days.

And I know a lot of people are still trying to do this.

It’s fine if you want to make an extra $500-1000 per month by putting in little work but if you’re serious about it and want to do more you’ll have to change your strategy.

Here’s what most people do:

  • They put out books in different niches.
  • They create new books instead of promoting existing books.
  • They don’t focus on quality.

Sure, you can make a bit of money by doing that but here’s the problem:

  • You only have 1 income stream.
  • It’s not gonna last long-term.
  • If Amazon shuts down your account your biz is gone.

Most people are so short-sighted and don’t see the big picture.

They do Kindle for a bit and eventually move onto a completely different business model.

That’s the wrong way of looking at things…

If you wanna be successful long-term you need to do 2 things:

  • You need to build a brand.
  • You need to build multiple income streams.

Most people just focus on their Kindle income…

They don’t build a real brand and don’t add additional streams of income.

Some people try to build an email list and promote affiliate products but that’s not gonna work for most.


Because there’s no personality behind the emails. There’s no true brand being built.

Here’s what you need to do:

  1. Create books in a single niche.
  2. Start a YouTube channel and/or blog talking about that niche.
  3. Become the face of your brand.
  4. Use your channel to promote your books and your books to promote your channel.
  5. Start recommending affiliate products.
  6. Build your email list.
  7. Create your own products/services.

You probably get the point…

But by building a brand outside of Amazon you’ll be able to dominate ANY niche you want and make a lot more from your Kindle books.

Not only that but instead of relying on 1 income stream from books you now have 5+:

  1. Your books will make more money.
  2. You’ll get ad revenue from your YT channel.
  3. You’ll make affiliate sales.
  4. You can sell coaching and consulting.
  5. You can create your own physical or digital product.

And instead of making $500-1000 per month from your books, you can scale this to 6-figures easily.

Yeah, it’ll take a lot more effort and time but that’s up to you to say if it’s worth it or not.

If you are interested in learning more about building a brand around what you’re already doing, that’s what we cover on my channel, so go ahead and subscribe and let me know if you have any questions.

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