What I’d Do If I Had To Start All Over Again

In this post, I wanted to cover what I’d do if I had to start all over again. What if my blog was gone. The list was gone. Sites are gone. I’ve been getting asked this a bit so I wanted to share what I’d do to start over again.

The first thing I wanted to say was that success is more mindset than it is techniques. A lot of millionaires aren’t afraid to lose everything because they know what it takes to get it back. Why is it that a lot of lottery winners end up broke again after a couple years? It’s because they had bad habits and never developed the right money mindset.

Same thing in business. If millionaires lose everything, they still have their habits and knowledge to go out and get it all back. So this means it’s super important to work on yourself just as much as you do on your business.

What I’d Do Starting Over

First, if I was starting over I wouldn’t start a blog. I didn’t start my blog to make money. I started my blog to share what I was working on. It took a long time to my blog starting getting visitors and that’s why I wouldn’t start with it. I’d be looking for a way to make money quick.

There are 2 options I’d look at:

Option #1: If I had some money and knowledge in a specific area I’d create my own product. I’d create a free giveaway (ebook, video, PDF) to start building my list. Then I’d create a paid program that expands on the stuff in the free giveaway. The first paid program would be under $100 and then I’d create a more expensive product with advanced training or 1-on-1 training ($300+).

Option #2: If I didn’t have much money, knowledge, or if I was brand new again I’d join an affiliate marketing company or become a reseller of a company like OSP. I would NOT become an affiliate to products on Clickbank or Jvzoo. The reason is that I’d only get credit for 1 initial sale and the customer wouldn’t belong to me.

There you have it…

Those are the 2 options I’d look at if I was starting all over again. I’d probably start with option #2 because results would be a lot quicker. With #1 it would take a bit of time creating everything so that’s why I’d just take advantage of a product already created.

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